NetPedigree beta test

This is a beta test of a completly rewritten version of pedigree display program, NetPedigree. Focus has been on better support for mobile devices. Most of the functionality from the old version should still be there.

We like to get your feedback on the new version, please send it to We will read all feedback but may not answer all.

Go to the beta version.

New functions

Mobile devices

We are now using the popular bootstrap framework to adapt to mobile devices. Early testers experince has been that pedigrees with up to 4 generations works well on iPhones. We have not had a lot of testing on Android devices so we are interested in feedback from Android users.

Recent list

The recent list gives you quick access back to the most recently visited cats. Recent list is also available in test matings. The recent list is only available in the current sessions.

Favourite list

The favourite list is available to all logged in users. Add a cat by clicking the add link in the pedigree. Your favourite cats will have a red heart in the pedigree and you have quick access to them through the favourite list. The favourite list is stored and available again the next time you log in. The favourite list is available in test matings.

In both

Select the first cats pedigree, use the In both menu to select the second cat. Cats which are common ancestors in the selected number of generations will be displayed as well as pedigrees for both cats with the common ancestors marked.


Photos are now presented as thumbnails. Click on any thumbnail to open the image viewer.

Not available yet

Breeding plan

The Breeding plan part of old Netpedigre has not yet been implememnted in the new one. You can still use the one in the old version. Both the old and new version use the same databse so the information available is exactly the same.