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By Harrison Weir, printed in 1889.

Here we present a few chapters from "Our Cats", written by Harrison Weir in 1889. The drawings of the cats in his book were also made by him.

Harrison Weir was the one who arranged the first cat show in England, in Crystal Palace, London, 1871. He was also the one who wrote the first standards for the different varieties of cats.


Preface, and Preface to New Edition
Introductory and The First Cat Show
Rats, Mice, and Cats

Long-Haired Cats

Introduction, and A Deaf Cat
The Angora
The Persian Cat
The Russian Long-Haired Cat
Curious Long-Haired Cat
Long-Haired Cats

Short-Haired Cats

The Tortoiseshell Cat
The Tortoiseshell-And-White Cat
The Brown Tabby Cat
The Spotted Tabby
The Abyssinian
White Cats
The Black Cat
The Blue Cat [Archangel Cats]
The Black-And-White Cat & The White-And-Black Cat
Siamese Cat
The Manx Cat
Various Colours


The Cat of Shakespeare