Meeting 18 September 2004 Picture


  1. How to chose a stud/male kitten
  2. Short history of the Maine Coon and evolution in type
  3. Discussion with a judge about type, health and influence of judges on breeders

1. How to go about finding the right stud or male kitten for your females

Critically look at your females; note faults and strong points. Then do the same for the male (kitten) and make sure that he does not have the same faults as your females.

Do pedigree analysis:

  • through the PawPeds database you can see the COI, Top 5, Clones when you do a test mating
  • try and find out as much health information as possible of the background (which you should have done for the females too); especially the 4 first generations are of the most importance, avoid doubling up dangerous ones etc.
  • Discussion

2. History of the Maine Coon

  • See seminar done by Ulrika Olsson
  • See seminar done by Beth Hicks (Tica & CFA cats)
  • Discussion

3. How does a judge choose one cat above all the others

  • Belgian judge Anne-Marie MariŽn kindly agreed to give us her views on how she judges cats; what is the difference between a winner and a runner-up
  • Discussion.