Meeting 13 November 2004 – 2 pm Picture


  1. Why test for HCM, HD …. Dr Ingrid Putcuyps, who has been performing tests on hundreds of Maine Coons, British Shorthairs, Persians, etc. has kindly agreed to come to this meeting to explain to participants.

  2. MC-Seminar, originally put together by Ulrika Olsson, and translated into Flemish by Misha. If you want to improve or maintain the breed for the future, you need to know where it comes from and its evolution up to now.

  3. If there is interest and time, color genetics

The meeting will be in Flemish, at my home in Antwerp. If you like to attend, you can contact Nancy ( or Misha ( or telephone +32 3 2309373

It is possible for a max. of 12 people to attend. Please bear in mind that Misha’s cats and kittens also attend this meeting and if you have an infectious disease in your cattery, you should not come. More meetings will be organized so you will then be able to attend one of the next meetings.