Breeding A Litter
maybe fun, never simple

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Socializing kittens means that they have to get adjusted to everything they can encounter later on in their life. This does not mean that a well socialized kitten will never be afraid of anything, or that it will never be startled by anything. Or that all kittens coming from one breeder will react exactly the same in similar situations. Every kitten is an individual and reacts in its own way. What you can teach kittens is not to be scared of loud noises, like the vacuum cleaner, the doorbell, the radio or television, or when people raise their voices. You can also teach them different forms of handling you will perform on the kittens later on. Picking them up, holding them, laying them down on their back, clipping the nails, checking the teeth, brushing, washing, in short: everything you do with adult cats can be taught to them during this period. This does not need to last for hours per day, 10 minutes or so is enough. But of course you may always spend more time with the kittens......