Breeding A Litter
maybe fun, never simple

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Most people that decide to start breeding cats, do so because they already have had cats for a while and they are so charmed by these animals that they want to breed them. From this point of view, you would think that breeders house their cats as a part of the household, since their hobby started this way. However, this is not always possible. For instance when you have an open tomcat - it is not always possible to let him have the run of the house. The chance for unplanned matings and unwanted behavior like spraying is just too great. So most breeders will keep their tomcat(s) in a stud accommodation. Most associations have rules for the minimal requirements of such accommodations, such as the size, windows, company, etc. Ask your association for their rules. As example a couple of such rules in a Dutch association:

  • The accommodation has to have a minimal floor space of 6m2, and be minimally 2 meters high.
  • The accommodations must admit daylight, and preferably allow the cat to look outside and sit in the sun.
  • There should be fresh water and food, and attributes to combat boredom, such as toys and a scratching post.
  • The cat may not be denied company (human or animal) too long.
  • The accommodations need to be disinfected at least once a week.

This is only a selection out of the rules, and these are only MINIMAL requirements. Other animals besides open stud cats hardly ever need separate accommodations, they can be part of the household and participate in the daily routine without causing problems.