Breeding A Litter
maybe fun, never simple

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General Care

When one thinks of taking care of cats, most people think of the most obvious, namely supplying food, water and - if necessary- medical help. The best food you can give your cats is a premium brand, and not the supermarket brands. Of course the cats eat the supermarket food when it is offered to them, but it is not the best you can give them.

Less obvious are the grooming aspects. Sometimes the cat needs to have its nails clipped, its coat brushed, or even washed. This is not always necessary, but if you attend a show the judges will appreciate it a lot when there has been made an effort to make the cat look good. If you own a longhaired cat you will also have to brush it to prevent the animal from being covered in mats. Whether the cat needs a bath or just a bit of brushing depends on the breed (shorthair, semi-longhair or longhair) and on the cat itself (one cat has a dry coat, while the other has a greasy coat). There is a lot of information on the Internet about how to bath your cat and which products you can use for that. But you can also ask some experienced breeders who work with your breed for advice; they know how to groom their breed and how to present their cats the best way possible.