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Test Mating
Printer Friendly | Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Inbreeding = 0.0% | Test mating by using this cat as sire/dam
Inbreeding calculated based on 30 ancestors (30 unique) of 30 possible, 4 complete generations out of 4
Vanalika Adoelle, F, SBI c, 2015-02-16, PL/-
IP & SC Geronimo Adoelle, SBI a, 2012-04-26, PL/-
SC B Mountain Adoelle, SBI n 21, 2010-04-08, PL/-
IC Adonis Blue Harmony, SBI e 21, 2007-02-06, SK/PL
Emannuelle Ryve Nostra, SBI n 21, 2008-05-28, CZ/PL
IC Dolce Vita Kimaya Azure, SBI c, 2011-04-06, SK/-
GIC Beluga van de Akkerwinde, SBI a, 2009-07-12, NL/SK
CH Fiona des Oursons Sacres, SBI c, 2010-01-17, FR/SK
Bastiena Medicat, SBI c, 2013-03-23, SK/-
CH Tomie Medicat, SBI a, 2011-10-05, SK/-
Queeno Medicat, SBI n, 2010-10-10, SK/-
GIC Blanche Medicat, SBI n, 2005-04-18, SK/-
Vanessa v. Blütengarten*A, SBI b, AT/-
Heart Breaker v. Blütengarten*A, SBI b, 2009-06-19, AT/-
GIC Carina vom Blütengarten*A, SBI c, 2008-05-29, AT/-
SC Shapur Sisi, SBI n, 2012-11-12, NO/-
IP & SC Sobell Funny Honey, SBI b, 2010-11-04, NO/-
CH FionaSilver's Viktor, SBI b, 2007-05-13, NO/-
EC Källtäppans Saxton Soccer, SBI d 21, 2003-03-22, SE/NO
CH Turtlecat's Mizita, SBI c, 2005-11-24, NO/-
RGJ Cat's Dream Come True, SBI b, 2006-09-23, NO/-
EC Trinity's Pale Moon Rising, SBI a 21, 2004-07-20, SE/NO
IC Tonefjellet's Oh La La, SBI b, 2005-06-30, NO/-
Shapur Bellis, SBI n 21, 2008-10-16, NO/-
Retina's Wild At Heart, SBI a, 2005-04-17, NO/-
EC Knock Out of Sembelance, SBI a, 2002-06-28, NO/-
Backkara's Delicious Dream, SBI n, 2004-01-30, SE/NO
Saphire Extreme Lovely Gucci, SBI n 21, 2005-06-02, SE/-
CH Cirinnas Mr Sheffield, SBI b 21, 2003-05-28, SE/-
IP & IC Saphire Extreme Like Paradise, SBI n, 2003-12-20, SE/-

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.