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Nile Jazz Singer, F, ABY a, 1995-03-22
Printer Friendly | Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Inbreeding = 0.0% | Test mate
Inbreeding calculated based on 29 ancestors (29 unique) of 30 possible, 3 complete generations out of 4
Izis Duke, ABY n, 1991-01-17
GC Aurata's Top Gun Of Goldfinger, ABY n, 1986-05-28, US/-
GC NW Cinna's Jack Daniels Of Chantebise DM, ABY n, 1979-12-14
CH Badfinger's Juicy Fruit Of Cinna, ABY n, 1979-02-06
Cinna Hot Stuff, ABY n, 1977-07-18
CH Avenue Encounter-Kastania Of Aurata, ABY n, 1982-06-04
Avenue Mandarin-Encounter, ABY n
Avenue Cola-Carmel, ABY n
Holdeene Eliza, ABY n, 1988-04-21
Sarvan Blue Beau, ABY a, 1987-06-21
Lohrengel Barrow Bambi III, ABY a, 1982-05-23
Absin Blue Haze, ABY a
Merindalee My Fair Lady, ABY n, 1987-02-07
Merindalee Mescalero, ABY n, 1986-01-07
Merindalee Abu Xquizit, ABY n, 1984-10-15
Nile Red Star, Red (aby), 1992-05-22
Crimsoncats Bill 'O' Rights, ABY p, 1989-07-04
Dearabi Jerame of Kitziekats, ABY a, 1987-08-18
No information in the database
CH Dearabi Blue Willow of Tangens, ABY a, 1986-07-10
CH Kitziekats Redalert of Crimsoncats, Red (aby), 1988-02-06
Cher-non's Nile Dancer of Chrysanthia, ABY n, 1986-07-06
Kazador's Ladybug of Kitziekats, ABY n
Nile Samantha, Red (aby), 1988-11-24
Absin Howzat, ABY n, 1982-09-05
Nailuang Ebby Zula's Son, ABY n, 1980-06-26
Taishun Dallas, ABY n, 1979-05-25
Nile Carmina Burana, Red (aby), 1983-09-03
INCH Nile El Camino Real, ABY n, 1981-07-16
Nile Cinnamon Bun, Red (aby), 1981-04-22

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