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GC Angkor Rose Bennett of Tan-Tara, M, SIA n, 1985-04-15, CA/US
Printer Friendly | Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Inbreeding = 3.12% | Test mate
Inbreeding calculated based on 30 ancestors (28 unique) of 30 possible, 4 complete generations out of 4
GC Angkor Rose Chip O'Honey, SIA n, 1979-08-12, CA/CA
GC Quire's Gal-X-C Aldebaran, SIA n, 1975-07-21, US/US
CH Quire's Gal-X-C Zephyrus, SIA n, US/US
GC Dahin Pahgo of Quire's Gal-X-C, SIA n, 1973-06-01
CH Thaibok Titania of Quire's Gal-X-C, SIA a, US/US
GP & GC, NW Quire's Gal-X-C Shy Menthe, SIA n, 1974-08-18, US/US
GC Dahin Pahgo of Quire's Gal-X-C, SIA n, 1973-06-01
CH Artemis of Quire's Gal-X-C, SIA n, 1972-05-03, US/US
GC Sin-Chiang Little Bit O'Honey, SIA n, 1975-11-23, -/US
GC, NW New Moon Eclipse of Rogers Hts, DM, SIA n, 1970-08-05, US/US
TrGC Elo-Yse Hi-Noon of Li-Gon, SIA b, 1964-03-14, US/US
CH New Moon Nina, SIA a, US/US
GC Van-Mar Kemah of Sin-Chiang, SIA n, 1971-04-27, US/US
GC Valentyne's Blue Max, SIA a, -/US
Glynneath's Soliloquy, SIA n, 1969-02-09, -/US
Moqui Tizwin, SIA n, 1983-05-14, US/US
CH Moqui Thorn, SIA n, 1983-05-14
GC Dahin Pahgo of Quire's Gal-X-C, SIA n, 1973-06-01
CH Koh-Ling Scimitar of Glendower, SIA n, 1971-06-24, US/US
GC Miss Karma of Dahin, SIA n, 1970-05-24, US/US
GC Moqui Primrose, SIA n, 1977-03-22
CH Dahin Potiphar, SIA n, 1975-01-27
CH Moqui Windrose, SIA n, 1972-12-02
CH Moqui Border Lass, SIA n, 1982-03-12
CH Quire's Gal-X-C Moses of Moqui, SIA n, 1980-06-28, US/US
CH Quire's Gal-X-C Artemas, SIA n, 1978-12-16, US/US
CH Quire's Gal-X-C Silky Sam of Moqui, SIA n, 1977-08-08, US/US
CH Kaloke Takara (80) of Sanderson, SIA n, 1980-08-25, GB/US
GC Reynards Tarka, SIA n, 1979-04-12, GB/GB
Kaloke Pibo, SIA n, 1978-06-30, GB/GB

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.