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EC Lilliput Miller H.L., M, SIA n, US/FI
Printer Friendly | Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Inbreeding = 0.0% | Test mate
Inbreeding calculated based on 30 ancestors (29 unique) of 30 possible, 4 complete generations out of 4
GC K-M'Ling Almond Roca of Lilliput, SIA b, 1987-04-21, US/US
GC Lilliput Tanqueray, SIA c, 1981-07-11, US/US
CH Waltur's Bacchus of Lilliput, SIA n, 1980-04-28, US/US
GC Jo-San's Akrisios, SIA c, 1978-09-03, US/US
GC Mar-Ray Darcy of Waltur, SIA n, 1976-02-03, US/US
GC Quin-Jo's Tanelle of Lilliput, SIA b, 1976-06-09, US/US
GC, NW Serendipity Tan Terrific, SIA b, 1975-03-30, US/US
GC Quin-Jo's Joyeux Noelle, SIA b, 1972-12-25, US/-
GC Lorrell's Almond Joy of K-M'Ling, DM, SIA b, 1986-02-04, US/US
CH Singa Maestoso, SIA n, 1981-11-01, US/US
CH Singa Maestro, SIA n, 1971-12-10, US/US
GC Princess Scheherazade of Allen, SIA c, 1979-03-20, US/US
GC Calermar's Misty Blu of Lorrell, SIA a, 1982-01-15, US/US
CH Singa Maestoso, SIA n, 1981-11-01, US/US
GC Calermar's Kelly Girl, SIA a, 1979-03-29, US/US
GC Silme Galadriel II (F #2) of Lilliput, DM, SIA n, 1987-12-12, US/US
CH Silme Sindar of Chez Mana, SIA a, 1984-08-31, US/US
CH San-Toi's Yoda (M #1) of Shosan, SIA a, 1982-04-09, US/US
GC Venusberg Fritz of San-Toi, SIA b, 1980-08-22, US/US
CH San-Toi's Thisbe, SIA a, 1981-03-05, US/US
GC Silme Galadriel (F #1), SIA n, 1983-05-11, US/US
CH Singa Ballad of San-Toi, DM, SIA n, 1976-04-30, US/US
Lilliput Arwen Evenstar of Silme, SIA c, 1982-02-04, US/US
GC Calermar's Elentari of Silme, DM, SIA n, 1985-09-18, US/US
NW & GC Calermar's Esprit de Corps, SIA a, 1984-06-17, US/US
CH Sanpet's Amazing Abraham, SIA n, 1980-11-27
NW & GC Calermar's Calypso, DM, SIA a, 1981-07-12, US/US
CH Calermar's Caroline, SIA n, 1984-07-02, US/US
GC Star of Siam's Merlin of Calermar, SIA a, 1977-05-27, US/US
CH Calermar's Carina, SIA n, 1983-04-11, US/US

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.