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GC, BW, NW Leggs Whiter Shade of Pale, DM, M, OSH w 61, 1991-11-18, US/US
Printer Friendly | Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Inbreeding = 0.0% | Test mate
Inbreeding calculated based on 30 ancestors (30 unique) of 30 possible, 4 complete generations out of 4
CH Ajan Nights In White Satin, OSH w 61, 1989-01-25, US/US
GC Felitan Royal Flush of Velvet Paws, SIA n, 1986-10-08, US/-
CH Keko Sweet Fella of MyFun, SIA n, 1982-02-09
CH Keko Xian, SIA a, 1980-03-30
CH Sin-Chiang Sheridan, SIA n, 1976-07-04
CH Blkcyn Cholla of Felitan, SIA n, 1984-05-19, US/US
CH Felitan Rubicon Blik of Blkcyn, SIA n, 1983-04-26, US/US
CH Kaloke Takara (80) of Sanderson, SIA n, 1980-08-25, GB/US
Leggs Coppelia of Ajan, OSH w 61, 1986-09-18, US/-
Del-Ri's Diamond Jubilee, SIA n, 1985-04-13, US/US
CH Del-Ri's Jubilee, SIA n, 1983-06-21, US/US
CH Del-Ri's Sabrina, SIA b, 1981-04-12, US/US
SGC Leggs Nikia, OSH w 61, 1984-04-14, US/US
CH Leggs Equus, SIA w 67, 1983-02-04, US/US
CH Leggs Witchcraft, OSH n, 1981-09-14, US/US
Leggs Thais, SIA a, 1990-08-31, US/US
NW, GP & GC Leggs Amapola of Mayflower, OSH w 61, 1989-04-12, US/US
GC, RW Leggs Solor, OSH w 61, 1988-05-10, US/US
GC Shera Len Nice Guy, DM, SIA a, 1986-05-21, US/US
NW & GC Leggs Sylphide, OSH w 61, 1986-09-18, US/US
GC Petitfois Zarema of Leggs, SIA n, 1988-02-07
CH Summermorn Shogun of Petitfois, SIA a, 1984-07-23, US/US
GC Cannoncats Cleopatra of Petitfois, SIA n, 1984-07-17, US/US
Shabou Blue Mistique of Leggs, SIA a, 1987-04-19, -/US
Shabou Blake, SIA a, 1982-06-24, US/US
CH Sanpet's Amazing Abraham, SIA n, 1980-11-27
Shabou Allison Anne-Marie, US/US
GC Felitan Maria Christina of Shabou, OSH n 24, US/US
GC Felitan Silvanus, OSH ns 24, 1982-11-26, US/US
CH Temeluphil Chiarascura of Felitan, OSH ns, 1982-02-10, US/US

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.