Caramellocoon Vittoria Europa, F, MCO n 24, 3/27/15, CZ/NOInbreeding = 0.0%
I'Sweet White Cocaine du Trésor Blanc, MCO w 62, FR/CZ
Ugo of Mistery Angel, MCO w 62, 1/7/06, BE/FR
IC Temptation of Mistery Angel, MCO w, BE/BE
EC Cooncolonia Mad Max, MCO d 22, 5/7/99, DE/BE
Spitzäcker Roxanne, MCO w, 2/27/00, DE/-
Erinya Queen of Magic Angel, MCO n, BE/BE
Kimoni Gizmo of the Catwalk, MCO n 09 22, BE/BE
Baliza Spirit of Fancymaine, MCO f 09, NL/BE
Vénus Noraks'Maine, MCO as, 2/22/12, CH/FR
Jazzman of Wild Bumble-Bee, MCO as, 3/17/07, DE/FR
CH Cappucino of the Mainstreet, MCO es, DE/NL
Vanja of Wild Bumble-Bee, MCO f, DE/DE
Frida du Museum of Coon's, MCO as, FR/-
Aloa's Bono, MCO a, 10/29/09, DK/FR
Summerplace O'Belle, MCO fs, DE/FR
Caramellocoon Balbina Europa, MCO f 22, 5/23/11, CZ/CZ
Belmicoon Ultra Sky, MCO a 22, 4/15/10, PL/CZ
GIC Langstteich's Next Hero, MCO ds 22, 6/29/06, DE/PL
Langstteich's P'Non Plus Ultra, MCO as, 5/15/05, DE/DE
Langstteich's R'Daily-News, MCO f 22, 3/10/03, DE/DE
Langstteich's T'Enjoy, MCO a 22, 6/21/07, DE/PL
Langstteich's Talisman, MCO n, 11/23/05, DE/DE
Langstteich's P'Elektra, MCO as 22, 11/15/05, DE/DE
IC Ariana of Akire Liti, MCO ds 22, 12/29/09, CZ/CZ
GIC Alessandro Bon di Lincetta, MCO ds 22, 7/10/08, CZ/CZ
IC Bonifác Star Marillion, MCO ns 09, 6/16/06, CZ/CZ
Cleopatra Jes Marillion, MCO f 22, 12/10/06, CZ/CZ
Cassiopeya Bey Cassiba, MCO d 22, 6/12/08, CZ/CZ
IC Beyrouth Cat Cabaret, MCO d 22, 10/24/03, PL/CZ
IC Abigail Ven Cassiba, MCO f 22, 2/4/07, CZ/CZ

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.