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SC Lolcat's Leo Wyatt, DVM, M, RUS a, 2014-11-16, FI/FI
Printer Friendly | Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Inbreeding = 0.0% | Test mate
Inbreeding calculated based on 30 ancestors (30 unique) of 30 possible, 4 complete generations out of 4
SC, SGC, GC Wynterwynd Moon River, DVM, DSM, RUS a, 2013-06-16, US/FI
GC Wynterwynd WaterMarque, RUS a, 2012-04-23
GC Heartbeeps Nightmusic of Wynterwynd, DM, RUS a, 2005-04-05, US/US
GC, GP, RW Heartbeeps Hot Toddy, RUS a, 2004-05-05
GC Snow-Island Sirensong of Heartbeeps, RUS a, 2003-06-29, JP/-
GC Wynterwynd Beach Glass, DM, RUS a, 2006-06-02, US/US
GC (CFA) Heartbeeps Panama Jack of Wynterwynd, DM, RUS a, 1997-08-22, US/US
CH Wynterwynd Morning Glory, DM, RUS a, 2004-07-24, US/US
GC, RW Tylona's Dancing in the Moonlight, RUS a, 2012-03-24
GC, RW Valnika's Lone Star of Tylona, RUS a, 2009-10-11
GC, RW (CFA) , SGC (TICA) Valnika's Silverstone, DM, RUS a, 2007-08-21
GC Tsar Blu's Zeta of Valnika, RUS a, 2008-04-16
GC Kathausblus Dancing Again of Tylona, RUS a, 2009-08-01
Kathausblus Illyad, RUS a, 1996-08-17
Kathausblus Only One Dance, RUS a, 2008-05-20
SC Lolcat's Alexandra, DVM, RUS a, 2011-03-30, FI/-
PR, CH Lolcat's Oskari, RUS a, 2010-02-11, FI/FI
CH Katzenhof Beloved Bravery, RUS a, 2006-12-19, FI/-
CH Kyina Northern Star-of-Katzenhof, RUS a, 2005-01-18, CA/FI
IC Katzenhof Octopussy, RUS a, 2004-12-07, FI/-
GIP, CH Andinan Celestina, RUS a, 2009-01-04, FI/-
CH Barynia's Wilmer, RUS a, 2007-10-17, SE/-
SP, CH Katzenhof Quellchen, DVM, DSM, DM, RUS a, 2005-01-08, FI/FI
PR, IC Katzenhof Lavanya, RUS a, 2009-05-23, FI/-
CH Kyina TakeOnYou of Katzenhof, RUS a, 2007-02-10, CA/FI
CH, RW Kyina Crossfire, RUS a, 1995-05-01, CA/-
GC Heartbeeps Casablanca of Kyina, RUS a, 2005-03-20, US/CA
Malevitch Crossbow, RUS a, 2008-05-02, DK/-
Malevitch Lucky Lips, RUS a, 2007-03-18, DK/-
Malevitch Fancy Face Freja, RUS a, 2007-03-22, DK/-

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.