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Ch Brasa De Soto De Riofrio, F, grey & white, 1996-06-07, Sp/Sp
Printer Friendly | Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Inbreeding = 0.0% | Test mate
Inbreeding calculated based on 28 ancestors (28 unique) of 30 possible, 3 complete generations out of 4
AM SP CH Storm Kloud's Legend Continues, gray & white, 1994-04-12, US/Sp
AM / CAN CH CD WTD ROM Poker Flat's Yukon Law, gray & white, 1992-06-07, US/US
AM CAN CH ROM Taolan Flying Colours, AMA wolf gray & white, 1982-10-11, CA/US
Ch Am/Can/Bda Ch ROM Kiskayo's Best, black & white, 1977-05-12, US/US
AM /CAN CH ROM J-Len's Taolan Tamisan, wolf gray & white, 1979-07-03, US/US
CH CGC Poker Flat's Dark Of The Moon, wolf gray & white, 1987-03-26, US/US
Mai Tai's Majestic Max
CH WTD ROM CD Poker Flat's Snow Flurrie, wolf gray & white, 1985-10-01, US/US
Ch ROM Storm Kloud's Can't Catch Me, gray & white, 1992-06-06, US/It
CH WWPD WTD ROM Storm Kloud's Keep The Win, AMA gray & white, 1986-03-02, US/US
Ch. CD WWPD ROM Storm Kloud's Oomiak, wolf gray & white, 1981-08-31, US/US
ROM ROMWD Storm Kloud's Ddawn In The North, seal & white, 1978-10-25, US/US
AM / PORT / SP CH WTD ROM Storm Kloud's Hharmony, wolf gray & white, 1989-05-09, US/Po
BISS AM / CAN CH Storm Kloud's Better Than Ever, AMA wolf gray & white, 1984-01-16, US/US
CH ROM Princess Nikita Sno-Kloud, AMA wolf gray & white, 1982-10-31, US/US
Uka, gray & white, Sp/Sp
Fedor Del Viejo Roble, Sp/-
Quetzaltoter Del Vejo Roble, AMA
Ch Hurtado's Peninsula De Kenai, AMA
Hardy Del Vejo Roble
Attitak Del Viejo Roble, Sp/-
champion Eup et Belgique 82 mondiale 84 Du Paumanok's Blue Ice Dragon, wolf gray & white, 1980-04-23, US/Sp
SP CH Keikewabic's Kim Shoo, 1980-10-28, Ca/Sp
Kotzebue, Sp/-
Nis-Hilk-Ullak Bufalo
No information in the database
No information in the database
Winnipeg (Sp), AMA
Skaghawk El-Kudai, Sp/-
Nussan-Polar, AMA

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