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Am Ch LDC's Don Diego De La Vega, M, black & white, 2004-12-15, US/Sp
Printer Friendly | Generations: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | Inbreeding = 0.0% | Test mate
Inbreeding calculated based on 30 ancestors (30 unique) of 30 possible, 4 complete generations out of 4
Ch Oakiok's Final Answer, seal & white, 2000-02-03, US/US
CH AM ROM Nanuke's Lockport Louie, gray & white, 1993-04-17, US/US
AM CH ROM Nanuke's Revolutionnary, gray & white, 1991-09-03, US/US
AM CH ROM Nanuke's A Rushin Revolution, silver gray & white, 1988-08-07, US/US
Ch Am Onan's Echoes In The Wind, wolf gray & white, 1987-05-25
Am Ch ROM Nanuke's Seal of Approval, seal & white, 1990-11-06, US/US
CH Northeast's Wild N Wooly, wolf gray & white, 1989-08-16, US/US
AM CH rom Northeast's Scarlet Fever, wolf gray & white, 1983-09-26, US/US
Ch ROM Oakiok's Rock A Bye Baby, seal & white, 1995-06-01, US/US
BISS AM /CAN CH Sno Klassic We Will Rock You, AMA seal & white, 1993-03-30, US/US
AM CAN CH Chukchi Savage Chincoteague, AMA seal & white, 1982-05-30, US/-
AM CAN CH ROM Taolan Sno Klassic Sassafras, AMA silver gray & white, 1988-08-05, CA/-
Ch Oakiok's Dark Side Of Lunar, seal & white, 1990-10-29, US/US
Lunar's Makin' Trax Oakiok
Lunar's Too Hot To Handle
AM CH WTD ROM Storm Kloud's Wworth Wait'N For, gray & white, 2001-05-24, US/US
AM CAN CH CD WWPD WTD ROM Storm Kloud's Vvanilla Snoman, AMA gray & white, 1982-12-09, US/US
Ch. CD WWPD ROM Storm Kloud's Oomiak, wolf gray & white, 1981-08-31, US/US
AM / CAN CH CD WD ROM Storm Kloud's Ximious Dream, AMA wolf gray & white, 1977-04-07, US/-
CH WPD ROM CD Storm Kloud's Hhell's Angel, AMA wolf gray & white, 1979-07-09, US/US
ROM ROMWD Storm Kloud's Ddawn In The North, seal & white, 1978-10-25, US/US
AM CAN CH CD ROM WWPD Storm Kloud's Reflection, AMA seal & white, 1975-12-07, US/-
CH Glacier's Lady Of Destiny, AMA gray & white, 1974-10-12, US/US
CH Awanuna's Win Chill Factor, gray & white, 1997-10-26, US/US
AM / CAN CH Tazar's Inh'Airyted Fortune, gray & white, 1993-05-05, US/US
CH Kasaan's Fortune Hunter, AMA seal & white, 1987-03-25, US/US
Ch Ziljo N Kasaan's Windsong, wolf gray & white, 1986-10-20, US/US
CH CD CGC Awanuna's Window To The World, gray & white, 1992-03-02, US/US
CH CD Awanuna's Norton Of The North, wolf gray & white, 1990-05-13, US/US
CH CD Awanuna's Vanna Woof, wolf gray & white, 1987-03-19, US/US

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.