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Offspring of Axiom's Red Bill, M, CRX d 09, 2010-01-22, SE/SE13 offspring
FIFe SC Sweetpurr's Jane MarpleFCRX n 332011-04-19FI/FI 3 offspring
 KittyLady's Sweet As HoneyFCRX f2014-02-03FI/SE5 offspring
 Avec's GrenadineFCRX f 032013-02-09SE/SE10 offspring
 Avec's JaimeFCRX f 092014-05-29SE/SE No offspring
 Avec's Jamaican RumFCRX2014-05-29FI/FI11 offspring
 Avec's Janneau GrandFCRX f 032014-05-29SE/SE4 offspring
 Avec's JeanFillouxMCRX d 032014-05-29SE/SE No offspring
 Avec's Johnny WalkerMCRX d 022014-05-29SE/SE No offspring
 Axiom's Indonesian LavaFCRX f 032012-03-20SE/SE3 offspring
 Axiom's Alfa RomeoMCRX d 032013-06-03SE/SE No offspring
 Axiom's Mercedes BenzFCRX f 032013-06-03SE/SENo offspring
 Axiom's Rolls RoyceMCRX d 032013-06-03SE/SE No offspring
 Satysfakcja Butterfly KissFCRX2012-09-24PL/SE8 offspring
 Avec's InfernoFCRX d2014-03-04SE/SE No offspring
 Avec's InfinityFCRX d2014-03-04SE/SE No offspring
 Avec's Irish CoffeeMCRX n2014-03-04SE/SE No offspring
 Avec's Irish CreamFCRX d 092014-03-04SE/SE No offspring

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