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Offspring of PR IC FoxyPaw's Idol's Eye, M, NFO ns 03 22, 1/10/10, FI/SE61 offspring
 Just Catnap's KashayaFNFO n 2411/23/09SE/SE 21 offspring
IC Just Catnap's EmmerdaleFNFO a 03 233/31/11SE/NLNo offspring
 Just Catnap's FameFNFO ns 03 223/31/11SE/DK7 offspring
SC Just Catnap's Jack HunterMNFO ns 03 223/31/11SE/ES25 offspring
CH Just Catnap's MelroseFNFO ns 033/31/11SE/SE11 offspring
 Just Catnap's NapoleonMNFO n 03 223/31/11SE/SENo offspring
 Just Catnap's OzzyMNFO ns 03 223/31/11SE/-No offspring
CH Just Catnap's SimpsonMNFO n 243/31/11SE/SE11 offspring
CH Just Catnap's CameliaFNFO n 0311/17/11SE/-No offspring
CH Just Catnap's Dianthus, JWMNFO n 03 2211/17/11SE/SE20 offspring
 Just Catnap's Forget-Me-NotMNFO as 03 2211/17/11SE/NO1 offspring
IC Just Catnap's JasminFNFO ns 2411/17/11SE/NL12 offspring
 Just Catnap's LotusMNFO a 03 2211/17/11SE/ZA5 offspring
IC Just Catnap's Mimosa, JWFNFO n 2211/17/11SE/PL1 offspring
 Just Catnap's YarrowMNFO ns 2411/17/11SE/-No offspring
 Just Catnap's EliseFNFO n 03 225/4/13SE/SE3 offspring
 Just Catnap's LuxanneFNFO as 225/4/13SE/-No offspring
 Just Catnap's NamiFNFO a 03 225/4/13SE/CH No offspring
 Just Catnap's PantheonMNFO n 095/4/13SE/-No offspring
 Just Catnap's SonaFNFO a 035/4/13SE/SE10 offspring
 Just Catnap's TeemoMNFO n 09 245/4/13SE/-No offspring
 Just Catnap's ZacMNFO as 245/4/13SE/-No offspring
CH Just Catnap's Mayan MysticaFNFO n 035/14/08SE/SE 32 offspring
 Just Catnap's DenzelMNFO n4/8/11SE/-No offspring
 Just Catnap's GreysFNFO ns4/8/11SE/NO4 offspring
NW GIC Just Catnap's Melissa, DVMFNFO ns 03 234/8/11SE/PT5 offspring
 Just Catnap's RaskensMNFO n 034/8/11SE/-No offspring
IC Just Catnap's TessFNFO ns 094/8/11SE/BENo offspring
 Just Catnap's Vanity FairFNFO ns 01 214/8/11SE/DE4 offspring
 Just Catnap's Chia CheersFNFO ns 097/12/14SE/-No offspring
 Just Catnap's Cin CinFNFO n 097/12/14SE/-No offspring
 Just Catnap's Jamaz JoeMNFO n 227/12/14SE/DKNo offspring
 Just Catnap's KippisMNFO n 03 227/12/14SE/ITNo offspring
 Just Catnap's ProstMNFO n 02 647/12/14SE/DENo offspring
 Just Catnap's Black PearlFNFO ns 034/21/06SE/SE 18 offspring
SDGC Just Catnap's BatmanMNFO n 034/6/11SE/NZ2 offspring
CH Just Catnap's LiamMNFO ns 034/6/11SE/SE10 offspring
 Just Catnap's LucyFNFO ns 03 244/6/11SE/-No offspring
 Just Catnap's RosanneFNFO ns 094/6/11SE/GBNo offspring
 Just Catnap's SelmaFNFO n 09 224/6/11SE/SENo offspring
 Just Catnap's TillyFNFO ns 09 234/6/11SE/DENo offspring
 Migoto's Eneste EmineFNFO ns 0212/14/08NO/SE 18 offspring
IC Just Catnap's MagnumMNFO ns 038/16/11SE/SE32 offspring
IC Just Catnap's One MillionMNFO ns 02 648/16/11SE/SE No offspring
 Just Catnap's SaharienneFNFO ns8/16/11SE/TW No offspring
 Just Catnap's VanillaFNFO ns 01 218/16/11SE/DE 5 offspring
SC Just Catnap's Warm Cotton, JW, DVMFNFO ns 01 218/16/11SE/NO7 offspring
 Little L's Inez IxoraFNFO n 09 227/29/10SE/SE 11 offspring
 Just Catnap's AstonMNFO n11/22/11SE/-No offspring
CH Just Catnap's BrisbaneMNFO ns 09 2211/22/11SE/DENo offspring
 Just Catnap's ChelseaFNFO n 2211/22/11SE/-No offspring
SC Vanity's DecibelleFNFO g 221/14/09NO/NO14 offspring
 Migoto's WalcottMNFO a1/13/14NO/- No offspring
 Migoto's WanjaFNFO a 03 221/13/14NO/- No offspring
 Migoto's WasabiMNFO e1/13/14NO/- No offspring
IC Migoto's WildeFNFO n 091/13/14NO/NONo offspring
 Migoto's WilmaFNFO fs 221/13/14NO/GB No offspring
 Migoto's WiolaFNFO a 03 221/13/14NO/DE No offspring
IC Just Catnap's SimoneFNFO f 2411/20/12SE/SE15 offspring
 Just Catnap's ForesterMNFO n 233/8/14SE/-No offspring
 Just Catnap's Impreza, JWFNFO n 09 223/8/14SE/NONo offspring
WW'14 SC Just Catnap's Orlando Dirac, JW, DVMMNFO ns 033/8/14SE/IT5 offspring
 Just Catnap's TazzMNFO d 243/8/14SE/-1 offspring
GIC Aroma's Hilda Humlesnurr, DVMFNFO ns 248/12/07SE/SE21 offspring
 Holy Smoke's Flash Pan HunterMNFO ns11/30/13SE/- No offspring
 Holy Smoke's Hell Broke LuceFNFO n 2411/30/13SE/SE3 offspring
 Holy Smoke's In Between LoveFNFO n 2211/30/13SE/DKNo offspring
 Holy Smoke's Jitterbug BoyMNFO ns 2211/30/13SE/- No offspring
 Holy Smoke's Table Top JoeMNFO ns 2211/30/13SE/- No offspring

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