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Offspring of Quincunx Curly Coyote, M, LPL n, 2005-07-04, GB/FI8 offspring
 Perm-a-nent Curly CordeliaFLPL f 09 222005-12-18SE/SE 17 offspring
 Ägirs Hus BC MorotMLPL d 222007-06-18SE/SE No offspring
 Ägirs Hus BC PersikaMLPL e 222007-06-18SE/SE No offspring
 Ägirs Hus BC PlommonFLPL a2007-06-18SE/SE 16 offspring
 Ägirs Hus BS AubergineFXLH/LPL h 09 222007-06-18SE/SE No offspring
 Perm-a-nent Banzai BeathaFLPL ds 09 222005-08-01SE/SE 13 offspring
 Perm-a-nent Earnest ErnestMLPL ds 242007-01-22SE/SE No offspring
 Perm-a-nent Ember EdithFLPL f2007-01-22Sw/Sw 2 offspring
 Perm-a-nent Eyeful EstherFLPL g2007-01-22SE/SE 4 offspring
 Quincunx Siouxsie BansheeFLPL e 01 21GB/GB 9 offspring
 Quincunx FlibbertygibbetF2006-08-06GB/GB 6 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.