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Offspring of Ch HattKatts BC Cari Cath of Crearwy, F, LPL f 09, 2001-02-0120 offspring
 Woodlandacre BC Windfire of CreawyMLPL d 09 221999-09-15  27 offspring
 Crearwy BC Madog ap WindfireMLPL d 22  6 offspring
CH Crearwy BC Madryn merch CariFLPL fBE/SE 7 offspring
 Crearwy BC AmlynMLPL n2002-07-15  No offspring
 Crearwy BC BarriMLPL2002-07-15  No offspring
 Crearwy BC DaiMLPL2002-07-15  6 offspring
 Crearwy BC ElainFLPL2002-07-15  No offspring
 Crearwy BC IdrisMLPL2002-07-15  No offspring
 Crearwy BC ModronFLP2002-07-15  2 offspring
 Crearwy BC Prroud CleopatraFLPL2002-07-15  5 offspring
 Crearwy BS CaiMLPL2002-07-15  No offspring
 Crearwy BC Cian ap WindfireM2003-04-21  No offspring
 Crearwy BC Enfys merch CariF2003-04-21  2 offspring
 Crearwy BC Gwynedd merch CariFLP d 222003-04-21  No offspring
 Crearwy BC Rhys ap WindfireM2003-04-21  No offspring
 Crearwy BS Essylt merch CariF2003-04-21  No offspring
 Crearwy BS Trystan ap Windfire2003-04-21  No offspring
 Crearwy BS Wyn ap WindfireM2003-04-21  No offspring
 Crearwy BC Gwenith merch CariFLP d 222003-08-12  No offspring
 Crearwy BC Rhiannon merch CariFLP d 09 222003-08-12  No offspring
 Crearwy BS Tybion ap WindfireMX/LP d 09 222003-08-12  No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.