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Offspring of SC Fyrendal's Katinka, F, NFO f 09 23, 2009-09-09, DK/DK8 offspring
GIC Jawora's Flimmer, DMMNFO n 09 242004-02-24SE/DK 92 offspring
 Fyrendal's Magnus TagmusMNFO n 09 242011-01-03DK/DK No offspring
 Fyrendal's MalouFNFO n 02 212011-01-03DK/DK No offspring
GIP Fyrendal's Mongo JerryMNFO d 02 212011-01-03DK/DK No offspring
GIC Fyrendal's MyladyFNFO f 09 242011-01-03DK/DK 4 offspring
 Fyrendal's TamaraFNFO n 09 242013-05-11DK/DK No offspring
 Fyrendal's TarokMNFO e 09 242013-05-11DK/DK No offspring
 Fyrendal's ThysonMNFO n 242013-05-11DK/DKNo offspring
 Fyrendal's TritonMNFO a 242013-05-11DK/DKNo offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.