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Offspring of IC Sterrenkatten's Nemo, M, NFO a 09, 2007-07-03, NL/NL27 offspring
 Titran's UlricaFNFO n 09 232007-07-31NL/NL23 offspring
 Titran's FelicitaFNFO n 03 232008-09-16NL/- No offspring
 Titran's FelixMNFO n 09 232008-09-16NL/- 3 offspring
 Titran's FidelitaFNFO n 232008-09-16NL/- No offspring
 Titran's FortunaFNFO n 03 222008-09-16NL/- No offspring
 Titran's Gabrielle d'EstrĂ©eFNFO n 09 232006-06-28NL/-19 offspring
SC Titran's JazzpurrMNFO a 222008-06-26NL/AT 4 offspring
 Titran's JocastaFNFO a 09 222008-06-26NL/- No offspring
 Titran's JocondaFNFO n 03 222008-06-26NL/- No offspring
 Titran's JunoMNFO n 09 222008-06-26NL/- No offspring
 Titran's JupiterMNFO a 09 222008-06-26NL/- No offspring
 Titran's PapagenaFNFO n 232008-03-16BE/BE 8 offspring
 Titran's X-CaliburMNFO a 092009-05-02NL/- No offspring
 Titran's XenifloreFNFO n 232009-05-02NL/- No offspring
 Titran's XeraphonMNFO n 09 222009-05-02NL/- No offspring
 Titran's Kalle BlomkvistMNFO a 092010-05-24NL/- No offspring
 Titran's KaratFNFO n2010-05-24NL/- No offspring
 Titran's KarffelinoMNFO n2010-05-24NL/- No offspring
 Titran's Katia KabanovaFNFO n 222010-05-24NL/- No offspring
 Titran's King KreoleMNFO n 09 222010-05-24NL/- No offspring
GIC Karat'Cats Virginia Woolf, DMFNFO f 222004-04-13FR/NL32 offspring
 Titran's RadjahMNFO d 232009-10-01NL/- No offspring
 Titran's RamsesMNFO d 09 232009-10-01NL/- No offspring
IP Titran's RosalinaFNFO f 09 222009-10-01NL/- No offspring
 Titran's RosamundeFNFO f 09 222009-10-01NL/SE 7 offspring
 Titran's Rose-MarieFNFO ns2009-10-01NL/- No offspring
GIC Namira vom AlpenwichtelFNFO w 642005-06-28DE/NL31 offspring
GC Titran's Lagrange of Snow EdenMNFO w2010-05-01NL/HK 1 offspring
 Titran's LeibnizMNFO w 642010-05-01NL/- No offspring
 Titran's LucretiusMNFO w 642010-05-01NL/NL 4 offspring
 Titran's Calinda CaressFNFO n 09 232009-01-04NL/NL 8 offspring
 Titran's Nora HelmerFNFO a 232010-03-25NL/BE 3 offspring
 Titran's Norma JeanFNFO a2010-03-25NL/NL 6 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.