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Offspring of GIC Just Catnap's Tommy T, M, NFO ns 09 22, 2009-01-30, SE/DE26 offspring
CH Lavonjarg's JasminFNFO gs 092007-03-24 10 offspring
 Siering's GibsonMNFO e 222010-05-20DE/DENo offspring
 Siering's MojaveMNFO n 09 222010-05-20DE/- No offspring
 Siering's PunaFNFO a 09 222010-05-20DE/- No offspring
CH Siering's SonoraFNFO gs 222010-05-20DE/DE7 offspring
 Siering's Takla MakanMNFO as 222010-05-20DE/- No offspring
IC Magaris UmbrellaFNFO f 09 242006-03-20SE/DE7 offspring
CH Siering's KasaiMNFO a 222010-09-22DE/DE20 offspring
 Siering's LuenaFNFO gs 09 222010-09-22DE/-No offspring
 Siering's MaraFNFO ns 09 232010-09-22DE/-5 offspring
 Siering's OkavangoMNFO n 09 232010-09-22DE/DE10 offspring
 Tantus Pina ColadaFNFO a 09 232005-07-24DK/DE15 offspring
 Gilgad's Beyond the seaMNFO as 222011-02-17DE/- No offspring
 Gilgad's EternityMNFO n 09 232011-02-17DE/- No offspring
 Gilgad's Karma KillerFNFO ns 09 222011-02-17DE/- No offspring
 Gilgad's Mr. BojangelsMNFO as 09 222011-02-17DE/- No offspring
 Blue N'Blonde's OnidaFNFO f 09 222006-10-11SE/DE 8 offspring
 Gilgad's Idol's Rebell YellMNFO d 09 222011-05-09DE/- No offspring
 Gilgad's Invisible TouchFNFO ns 092011-05-09DE/- No offspring
 Gilgad's It's only loveFNFO g 09 222011-05-09DE/- No offspring
 Gilgad's Join MeFNFO a 092011-05-09DE/DE4 offspring
CH Hopeahännän RosettaFNFO w2009-06-18FI/-9 offspring
 Siering's AthabascanMNFO ns 232011-05-25DE/DENo offspring
 Siering's JadeFNFO ns2011-05-25DE/DENo offspring
 Siering's Mount Mc KinleyMNFO w2011-05-25DE/DENo offspring
 Siering's AlessandriaFNFO w2012-05-10DE/DENo offspring
 Siering's Guigliano in CampaniaMNFO n 092012-05-10DE/DENo offspring
IC Siering's MessinaFNFO w 632012-05-10DE/NL9 offspring
 Siering's RavennaFNFO as 09 222012-05-10DE/DENo offspring
 Siering's Torre del GreccoMNFO w2012-05-10DE/DENo offspring
 Siering's VincenzaFNFO a 222012-05-10DE/DENo offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.