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Offspring of CH Neigenuveaux's Eleonore CGN, F, black, 2009-07-17, CA/CA29 offspring
GrChEx Flacon D'Paris Of Neigenuveaux CGNMblack2010-05-01CA/- 83 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Helga to Wulymut CGNFblack/white2012-04-02CA/CA 19 offspring
 Rover's HabMblack/white2012-04-02CA/CA No offspring
 Rover's HaddenMblack2012-04-02CA/CA No offspring
 Rover's HagartyMblack2012-04-02CA/CA No offspring
 Rover's HaliburtonMblack/white2012-04-02CA/CA No offspring
 Rover's HalsburyMblack2012-04-02CA/US No offspring
 Rover's HaneyFblack2012-04-02CA/US No offspring
GCh Rover's HarlowFblack2012-04-02CA/CA 16 offspring
 Rover's HealeyMblack2012-04-02CA/CA No offspring
 Rover's HudsonMblack2012-04-02CA/CA No offspring
 Rover's HuronMblack2012-04-02CA/CA No offspring
BPIS CH La Spezia's Bruno HazeMbrown2011-10-22SE/CA 17 offspring
 Rover's Insjo Black JackMblack2013-05-04CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Insjo CamillaFblack2013-05-04CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Insjo ElvisMblack2013-05-04CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Insjo FridaFblack2013-05-04CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Insjo JeorgeMblack2013-05-04CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Insjo KatinaFblack2013-05-04CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Insjo LinaFblack2013-05-04CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Insjo SilverstarMblack2013-05-04CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Insjo SimunMblack2013-05-04CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Insjo SofiaFblack2013-05-04CA/- No offspring
 Poppenspäler's Don Melchor CGNMblack2008-12-17FR/CA 57 offspring
 Rover's Jackie OFblack2014-05-25CA/- 18 offspring
 Rover's Je Suis Belle AmieFblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Je Suis InterabangFblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Je Suis UneFblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Je Te Presente AmethystFblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Je Te Presente CharlieMblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Je Te Presente CuddlebugFblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Je Te Presente JC JadeFblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.