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Offspring of GIC Restless Tristan, M, NFO n 22, 2009-01-05, SE/SE23 offspring
 Just Catnap's ChinaFNFO f 03 242006-09-20SE/SE18 offspring
 Restless Corby FloodFNFO f 09 232010-05-16SE/SE11 offspring
 Restless Fergus CraneMNFO d 09 222010-05-16SE/DENo offspring
 Restless NarniaFNFO n 09 232010-05-16SE/SENo offspring
SC Restless Nim, DVMFNFO f 09 232010-05-16SE/DK 11 offspring
 Restless OttolinaFNFO f 09 232010-05-16SE/FRNo offspring
CH Restless Achtung BabyFNFO n 09 242011-03-12SE/-No offspring
 Restless Crimson IdolMNFO d 09 222011-03-12SE/-No offspring
 Restless Keep the FaithFNFO f 09 222011-03-12SE/-No offspring
NW IC Restless Nevermind, JWMNFO n 03 242011-03-12SE/DK41 offspring
IC Restless ZooropaMNFO d 03 242011-03-12SE/FI19 offspring
PR Restless AnansiFNFO n 09 242007-09-25SE/SE14 offspring
SC Restless Caramel Chew Chew, JW, DVM, DSMMNFO n 09 232010-10-03SE/SE 53 offspring
 Restless Mission MarzipanMNFO n 232010-10-03SE/-No offspring
 Restless Snickerdoodle CookieFNFO n 09 232010-10-03SE/-No offspring
SC Animaniac's Bridget Jones, DMFNFO a 232006-03-04SE/SE13 offspring
CH Restless Cocktail BunnyFNFO n 222010-10-22SE/DE3 offspring
 Restless Crime DogMNFO n 222010-10-22SE/DE10 offspring
 Restless Karma ChameleonFNFO n 222010-10-22SE/NL2 offspring
IC Restless Muffin BuffaloFNFO n 222010-10-22SE/SE18 offspring
 Restless Pink FlamingoFNFO n 232010-10-22SE/SE No offspring
 Restless Safety CanaryFNFO n 232010-10-22SE/-No offspring
CH Animaniac's Mustang SallyFNFO f 09 232004-10-25SE/SE21 offspring
 Animaniac's Beau JesterMNFO n 242011-08-25SE/-No offspring
 Animaniac's Blushing IvoryFNFO n 242011-08-25SE/-No offspring
 Animaniac's Chimera FennaFNFO n 242011-08-25SE/-No offspring
IC Animaniac's Hot LineMNFO d 09 232011-08-25SE/CZ5 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.