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Offspring of Poppenspäler's Don Melchor CGN, M, black, 2008-12-17, FR/CA57 offspring
CH CA Searra Biscay's Precious PearlFbrown/white markings2008-06-15CA/CA 8 offspring
GrChEx Flacon D'Paris Of Neigenuveaux CGNMblack2010-05-01CA/- 83 offspring
UCD CAN CH, WC CGN Neigenuveaux Fleur D'NorthrockFblack2010-05-01CA/- 13 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's FeliciteFblack2010-05-01CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's FelixMblack2010-05-01CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Fier De L'EtreMblack/white markings2010-05-01CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's FinnMbrown/white markings2010-05-01CA/- No offspring
Ch Neigenuveaux's FrancescaFblack2010-05-01CA/- 17 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's FraserMblack2010-05-01CA/- No offspring
CH CA Courailee Magic CharmFblack/white markings2007-06-27CA/CA 26 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's FabronMblack/white markings2010-07-26CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Fantome De LacMblack/white markings2010-07-26CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's FavourMblack2010-07-26CA/- 18 offspring
UKC Int. CH Neigenuveaux's Fleur De LisFbrown2010-07-26CA/- 13 offspring
Ch Neigenuveaux's Fleury CuveeFblack/white markings2010-07-26CA/- 14 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's FredericMblack/white markings2010-07-26CA/- No offspring
Ch Neigenuveaux's Eloisee CGNFblack2009-07-17CA/- 22 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's GalahadMblack with Tan + whi2011-05-01CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's GamblerMblack2011-05-01CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's GandolfMblack2011-05-01CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's GenevieveFblack2011-05-01CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's GinetteFblack2011-05-01CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's GiovanniMblack2011-05-01CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's GondolierMblack2011-05-01CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's GoodRunFblack with Tan + whi2011-05-01CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's GuinevereFblack2011-05-01CA/- No offspring
 Górki Podduchownej AlmaFblack/white markings2006-06-02PL/CA 28 offspring
 Bayport 2011.1M2011-04-17CA/- No offspring
 Bayport 2011.2M2011-04-17CA/- No offspring
 Bayport 2011.3M2011-04-17CA/- No offspring
 Bayport 2011.4M2011-04-17CA/- No offspring
 Bayport 2011.5F2011-04-17CA/- No offspring
 Bayport Heather WhitelawFblack/white2012-06-30CA/- 1 offspring
CH Neigenuveaux's Eleonore CGNFblack2009-07-17CA/CA 29 offspring
 Rover's Jackie OFblack2014-05-25CA/- 18 offspring
 Rover's Je Suis Belle AmieFblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Je Suis InterabangFblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Je Suis UneFblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Je Te Presente AmethystFblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Je Te Presente CharlieMblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Je Te Presente CuddlebugFblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Je Te Presente JC JadeFblack2014-05-25CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Grand Marnier called MarneeFbrown/white markings2011-03-24CA/- 29 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's JacquessonMblack2014-11-24CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's JacquinotMblack2014-11-24CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's JanneauFblack2014-11-24CA/- 17 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Jean LucMblack2014-11-24CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Jean PhillipsMbrown2014-11-24CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's JeanneretFblack/white2014-11-24CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's JeeperMblack2014-11-24CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's JouetMbrown2014-11-24CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's JsnardMbrown2014-11-24CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's IsadoraFbrown2013-02-16CA/- 27 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Kaffe MochaMbrown2015-06-26CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Kalifornia KissFbrown2015-06-26CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's KandoMbrown2015-06-26CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Kandy KissesFblack2015-06-26CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Kept WomanFblack2015-06-26CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Key To My HeartFbrown2015-06-26CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Kidnap My HeartFblack2015-06-26CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Kiss ThisFblack2015-06-26CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Klassy ChassisFblack2015-06-26CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's KokoMbrown2015-06-26CA/- No offspring
 Unknown not foundationF
 Bayport's Heavenly HabourF2012-06-30  No offspring

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