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Offspring of Bleuzorange Sosie dite Camille, F, brown/white markings, 2003-09-11, CA/-18 offspring
CH CA Opus Un en O Majeur CongaMblack2003-02-28BE/CA 48 offspring
 Courailee Bart dit PirateMblack2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee BayouMblack2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee Béatrice dite MollyFblack/white markings2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee Becky dite KessyFblack/white markings2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee BémolFblack/white markings2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee Benjamin dit CharlieMblack2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee BenjiMblack2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
CH CAN Courailee Bouyant Black BonnieFblack/white markings2006-04-27CA/- 23 offspring
 Quaciëndas Alex Gauche UniqueMblack2005-05-27NL/NL 59 offspring
CH Courailee Bleuzorange CallasFbrown2007-06-27CA/- 7 offspring
 Courailee Camil dit RalfMbrown/white markings2007-06-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee CandorMblack/white markings2007-06-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee Carson dit VelcroMblack/white markings2007-06-27CA/- No offspring
CH Courailee CastagnaFbrown/white markings2007-06-27CA/- 16 offspring
 Courailee CkenyaFblack/white markings2007-06-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee Clarissa dit ZoeyFblack/white markings2007-06-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee CousteauMblack/white markings2007-06-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee Crypto dit MammouthMbrown/white markings2007-06-27CA/- 7 offspring
CH CA Courailee Magic CharmFblack/white markings2007-06-27CA/CA 26 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.