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Offspring of CH CA Opus Un en O Majeur Conga, M, black, 2003-02-28, BE/CA48 offspring
 Bleuzorange Sosie dite CamilleFbrown/white markings2003-09-11CA/- 18 offspring
 Courailee Bart dit PirateMblack2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee BayouMblack2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee Béatrice dite MollyFblack/white markings2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee Becky dite KessyFblack/white markings2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee BémolFblack/white markings2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee Benjamin dit CharlieMblack2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
 Courailee BenjiMblack2006-04-27CA/- No offspring
CH CAN Courailee Bouyant Black BonnieFblack/white markings2006-04-27CA/- 23 offspring
 Poppenspäler's BenedictineFbrown/white markings2000-10-31FR/CA 25 offspring
 Bleuzorange Rap dit BillMblack2005-10-07CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Rea dite BijouFblack/white markings2005-10-07CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Reg dit SamMblack2005-10-07CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Rio dit PortoMblack/white markings2005-10-07CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Roo dit PoufMblack2005-10-07CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Ruz dite MelouseFblack/white markings2005-10-07CA/CA 7 offspring
 Bleuzorange Rye dit KaboulMblack/white markings2005-10-07CA/- No offspring
CH CA Bleuzorange Sai dite VioletteFblack/white markings2006-10-24CA/CA 19 offspring
 Bleuzorange Seb dit CuzcoMblack/white markings2006-10-24CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Sir dit BorisMblack2006-10-24CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Soo dite BluenoseFblack2006-10-24CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Suc dit JackMblack2006-10-24CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Syl dite Lady MFblack2006-10-24CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Idem dite MokaFbrown/white markings2003-09-11CA/- 7 offspring
 Bleuzorange Tef dite AidaFblack2007-09-13CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Teo dit TheoMblack/white markings2007-09-13CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Tex dit KendyFblack2007-09-13CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Tia dite ReglisseFblack2007-09-13CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange To dit BorisMblack2007-09-13CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Tuf dit BalouMblack2007-09-13CA/- No offspring
 Bleuzorange Ty dite DahliaFblack2007-09-13CA/- No offspring
CH CA Courailee Magic CharmFblack/white markings2007-06-27CA/CA 26 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Eau de JasmineFblack2009-07-17CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Echo dite LolaFblack2009-07-17CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's EdouardMblack/white markings2009-07-17CA/- No offspring
CH Neigenuveaux's Eleonore CGNFblack2009-07-17CA/CA 29 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's ElianMblack2009-07-17CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's ElishaFblack2009-07-17CA/- No offspring
Ch Neigenuveaux's Eloisee CGNFblack2009-07-17CA/- 22 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's Elvis dit ZachMblack2009-07-17CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's EnriqueMblack2009-07-17CA/- No offspring
UKC CH, CH CA Neigenuveaux's Ermagarde dite ClaireFblack2009-07-17CA/US 27 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's EstevanMblack/white markings2009-07-17CA/- No offspring
 Neigenuveaux's ET dit Elliot CGNMblack2009-07-17CA/- 26 offspring
CH Courailee CastagnaFbrown/white markings2007-06-27CA/- 16 offspring
 Courailee FebeFblack/white markings2010-12-25CA/- 1 offspring
CH Courailee FidjiFblack/white markings2010-12-25CA/- 15 offspring
 Courailee FlanelleFblack/white markings2010-12-25CA/- 7 offspring
 Courailee FlocheMblack/white markings2010-12-25CA/- No offspring
 Courailee Flocon dit TheoMblack/white markings2010-12-25CA/- No offspring
 Courailee Fredo dit MarleyMblack/white markings2010-12-25CA/- No offspring
CH Courailee FreezbyMblack/white markings2010-12-25CA/- 6 offspring
 Courailee Fusee dit CharleyMblack2010-12-25CA/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.