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Offspring of GIC Skaujenta's Imar, M, NFO n 22, 2007-04-04, NO/-12 offspring
 Örtendahl's AmbraFNFO n 242007-02-02SE/- 4 offspring
 Örtendahl's KanelMNFO n 222008-06-10SE/- No offspring
 Örtendahl's MandelMNFO n 232008-06-10SE/- No offspring
 Örtendahl's Rose ViolaFNFO n 222008-06-10SE/- 5 offspring
 Örtendahl's VideMNFO a 222008-06-10SE/- No offspring
 Migoto's AdiaFNFO f 03 232007-04-05NO/- 4 offspring
GIC Migoto's FelineFNFO f 09 222009-02-12NO/NO 10 offspring
 Migoto's FelixMNFO n 09 222009-02-12NO/- No offspring
 Migoto's FerdinandMNFO n 092009-02-12NO/- No offspring
 Migoto's FiaFNFO f 092009-02-12NO/- No offspring
GIC Utblicken's JanninaFNFO f 022009-05-30SE/SE37 offspring
CH Utblicken's Lill AmmuuFNFO a 022011-10-27SE/FI4 offspring
IC Utblicken's Lill ImraFNFO f 02 622011-10-27SE/SE18 offspring
CH Utblicken's Loui LouieMNFO d2011-10-27SE/-No offspring
SC Utblicken's FannyFNFO w2006-05-04SE/SE5 offspring
 Utblicken's LukasMNFO e2011-09-11SE/-No offspring

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