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Offspring of Justcoons Apple Blues, F, MCO g 09 22, 12/31/05, DE/IT7 offspring
CH EyeCatchers El CapitanoMMCO ds 098/1/04DE/DE10 offspring
 Justcoons Alegria de CadizFMCO g 09 23DE/DE1 offspring
 Justcoons Camarón de la IslaMMCO e 09 235/5/07DE/ES2 offspring
 Justcoons El GuapoMMCO es 235/5/07DE/DE6 offspring
 Justcoons Hasta La VistaMMCO as 095/5/07DE/DE3 offspring
 Menuchà Della Tribù Del DesertoMMCO ds 09 224/5/06IT/IT 15 offspring
 Ostiaria Della Tribù Del DesertoFMCO f 09 222/29/08IT/IT No offspring
 Pillowtalk's Mr. UniversumMMCO es 2211/8/10DE/IT 3 offspring
 Wild Whisper TulaFMCO gs 222/5/12IT/IT 3 offspring
 Honey Hill Maison PistashMMCO n 228/29/08NO/IT 10 offspring
 Sugarcoons Io Sono Una TruzzaFMCO n 09 22IT/IT 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.