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Offspring of IC Gunsmokes Mr Evolution, JW, M, NFO as 09 22, 12/20/06, SE/-13 offspring
 Gunsmokes BrideFNFO f 09 2211/6/05SE/-6 offspring
IC Pax Romas ConcordiaFNFO as 09 224/26/08SE/-No offspring
 Pax Romas FortunaFNFO gs 224/26/08SE/-No offspring
 Pax Romas JanusMNFO n 09 224/26/08SE/-No offspring
CH Pax Romas JupiterMNFO es 09 224/26/08SE/SE11 offspring
 Pax Romas MarsMNFO e 09 224/26/08SE/-13 offspring
SC Vimmerskogen's AlexaFNFO ns 09 243/12/05SE/-8 offspring
CH Vimmerskogen's FabianMNFO ns 245/8/08SE/SE12 offspring
CH Vimmerskogen's FannyFNFO ns 095/8/08SE/DE 8 offspring
IC Vimmerskogen's FridaFNFO ns 09 245/8/08SE/SE 12 offspring
CH Vimmerskogen's FritzMNFO ns 09 245/8/08SE/DENo offspring
 Vimmerskogen's FrodeMNFO ns 09 225/8/08SE/-No offspring
CH Gunsmokes TrinityFNFO n 2211/10/04SE/SE8 offspring
 Gunsmokes LynnFNFO ns 221/4/08SE/NO 3 offspring
 Gunsmokes Modesty BlaiseFNFO n1/4/08SE/-No offspring
 Gunsmokes WillieMNFO ns 09 221/4/08 9 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.