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Offspring of SC Rollick Perfect Dark, M, OCI n 24, 2006-08-21, FI/-9 offspring
 Topspot Angela the KnowingFOCI b 242008-02-16  4 offspring
 Northalla Bird CherryFOCI b 242009-09-19  No offspring
 Northalla JuniperMOCI b 242009-09-19  11 offspring
 Northalla Mountain PineMOCI b 242009-09-19  No offspring
 Northalla Wild WillowMOCI b 242009-09-19  No offspring
 Ikikuun Elämän SädeFOCI b 242008-07-02  5 offspring
 Ikikuun FactaMOCI n 242009-11-03FI/- No offspring
 Ikikuun FéfaniFOCI n 242009-11-03FI/- No offspring
 Ikikuun FeminaFOCI b 242009-11-03FI/- No offspring
 Ikikuun FennicaFOCI n 242009-11-03FI/- No offspring
 Ikikuun FocusMOCI b 242009-11-03FI/- 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.