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Offspring of GC Sunstone Plum Wild, F, OCI c 24, 2002-07-036 offspring
 Abyrose Kiwi of SunstoneMOCI p 22NZ/- 1 offspring
 Sunstone Lavender Lilly of KarrklanF  1 offspring
GC TGC Sunstone J S GiguereMOCI bs 242003-03-10  14 offspring
CH Sunstone Kabibi of Chisholm TrailFOCI c 242004-05-08  2 offspring
CH Sunstone Nadira of DreamsongFOCI c 242004-05-08  4 offspring
GC, RW Sunstone Sierra Leone of PikesPeakMOCI bs 242004-05-08  10 offspring
GC RW Sunstone Serengeti HeatMOCI b 242002-08-01  7 offspring
 Sunstone Fancy That of Chisholm TrlFOCI b 242003-12-10  1 offspring
GC Sunstone Sukari of Laughing CatFOCI b 242003-12-10  3 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.