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Offspring of IC RaceCat's Enzo of Mainejack's, M, MCO a 22, 12/3/06, SE/SE14 offspring
 Moon Kewa's Sic Itur All AstraFMCO n 2210/28/06SE/SE3 offspring
 Moon Kewa's Cato of WikingMMCO n 2212/27/07SE/- No offspring
 Moon Kewa's King of DarthMMCO a 2212/27/07SE/- No offspring
 Moon Kewa's Rashit GarboMMCO a 2212/27/07SE/- No offspring
 Mikards Ice PrincessFMCO n 2211/13/05SE/SE3 offspring
 Mainejack MadickenFMCO n 224/6/09SE/-No offspring
 Mainejack Ronja RövardotterFMCO n 224/6/09SE/SENo offspring
 Mainejack Skopan LejonhjärtaMMCO n1/21/10SE/SENo offspring
 Coppermines Paz ParadisaFMCO n 222/15/09SE/SE5 offspring
CH RaceCat's AygoFMCO n 225/4/10SE/SE4 offspring
 RaceCat's IsettaFMCO n 225/4/10SE/- No offspring
 RaceCat's VeyronMMCO n 225/4/10SE/- No offspring
 Stortassen's HeartbeatFMCO n 09 2310/25/08SE/SE1 offspring
 Dreambox Prins CaspianMMCO a 09 227/2/10SE/-5 offspring
CH Street Cats Gangster GirlFMCO n 228/3/10SE/SE8 offspring
 Sankt Halvard's SarahFMCO a 225/5/12SE/SENo offspring
 Senoja's UppsalaFMCO n 09 222/21/13NL/SE22 offspring
 RaceCat's MichèleFMCO n 2211/2/14SE/- No offspring
 RaceCat's StigMMCO n 09 2211/2/14SE/- No offspring
 RaceCat's WalterMMCO n 2211/2/14SE/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.