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Offspring of GIC Utblicken's Beatrize, F, NFO n 03 24, 2005-01-26, SE/SE17 offspring
EC Utblicken's Zoltan, DMMNFO as2001-11-19SE/SE55 offspring
GIC Utblicken's ZallyFNFO as 03 222006-05-09SE/SE15 offspring
 Utblicken's ZilverMNFO ns 242006-05-09SE/- No offspring
EC Utblicken's ZimsonMNFO as 242006-05-09SE/NO 40 offspring
 Utblicken's ZonnyMNFO a2006-05-09SE/- No offspring
 Utblicken's ZtardustMNFO a 03 242006-05-09SE/- No offspring
 Utblicken's ZtellaFNFO ns 242006-05-09SE/- No offspring
 Josimos Albert Adri MettMNFO ds 032006-06-21  11 offspring
 Utblicken's LarsaMNFO n 02 242008-03-19SE/- No offspring
 Utblicken's LeonMNFO a 02 242008-03-19SE/- No offspring
 Utblicken's Linda LouFNFO fs 02 212008-03-19SE/- 2 offspring
CH Utblicken's Lotta MyFNFO g 092008-03-19SE/SE11 offspring
 Peter Ustinov am BaerenbachMNFO n2007-08-14CH/SE 26 offspring
GIC Utblicken's LanciaFNFO n2008-12-01SE/NO No offspring
 Utblicken's LiljaFNFO n 032008-12-01SE/- No offspring
IC Utblicken's LoveFNFO n2008-12-01SE/SENo offspring
 Utblicken's LovisaFNFO n 09 222008-12-01SE/- No offspring
CH Utblicken's LucyFNFO n 032008-12-01SE/SE17 offspring
 Utblicken's LunkentussMNFO n 09 242008-12-01SE/- No offspring
 Utblicken's LurvasMNFO n 032008-12-01SE/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.