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Offspring of GC Blue Isles Sicily, DM, F, SIA n, 1996-04-26, US/US9 offspring
GC Klinekatz Fiji of Blue IslesMSIA a1994-08-14US/US 11 offspring
GC Blue Isles Magnum of ArjaiMSIA c1997-06-06US/- 2 offspring
CH Blue Isles Starbuck of BlakewoodMSIA b1997-06-06  2 offspring
CH Blue Isles Mulan of OhanaSkyeFSIA n1998-12-06US/- 1 offspring
CH Nitelite's Dream Catcher of CharjanieMSIA a1996-03-19US/US 7 offspring
GC Blue Isles SalinaFSIA a2000-02-13US/US 6 offspring
CH Blue Isles Sicilia of Thai-YvesFSIA a2000-02-13US/US 2 offspring
CH San-Toi's JumanjiMSIA c1996-05-31US/US 8 offspring
GC Blue Isles AngelFSIA c1998-05-02  No offspring
GC Blue Isles AntillesFSIA a1998-05-02  No offspring
GP & CH Blue Isles TreasureMSIA b1998-05-02US/US 2 offspring
CH Sultry's Lexington, DMMSIA n1995-03-23US/US 2 offspring
RW & GC Blue Isles SabaFSIA b1999-05-08US/US 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.