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Offspring of IC Miss Sixties Blue Tanis, DM, F, NFO n 23, 2004-02-14, CH/CH12 offspring
SC Love & Peace Blue Tanis, JW, DVMMNFO w 642003-07-18CH/CH42 offspring
 Nicole Blue TanisFNFO n2005-03-05 3 offspring
IC Nina Hagen Blue TanisFNFO n 232005-03-05CH/CH7 offspring
WW'05 SC Nirvana Blue Tanis, JWFNFO w2005-03-05CH/CH9 offspring
CH Never Mind White MajestyMNFO n2005-08-04CH/-7 offspring
 Night Light White MajestyMNFO n2005-08-04 4 offspring
 Nurit White MajestyFNFO n 222005-08-04CH/CH1 offspring
 Pink Floyd Blue TanisMNFO n2007-04-08CH/SE27 offspring
SW'08 SC Purple Haze Blue Tanis, JW, DVM, DSMMNFO w2007-04-08CH/SE28 offspring
GIC Pearl Jam Blue TanisFNFO w 642007-08-19CH/NL 11 offspring
 Sister of Mercy Blue TanisFNFO n 232009-08-01CH/-2 offspring
GIC Son of a Gun Blue TanisMNFO w2009-08-01CH/KR13 offspring
 Spider from Mars Blue TanisFNFO n 232009-08-01CH/-No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.