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Offspring of Special Blend Breeze Evaflowin, DM, F, NFO a 22, 2004-12-21, SE/NO17 offspring
 Restless LynxMNFO a 09 232005-01-04SE/NO19 offspring
SP SC Skaujenta's Hedda, DVMFNFO a 232006-10-01NO/- 6 offspring
SC Skaujenta's Heike, DVM, DSM, DMMNFO a 09 232006-10-01NO/NO 29 offspring
IC Skaujenta's HildurFNFO a 09 232006-10-01NO/SE14 offspring
 Skaujenta's HuldaFNFO a 232006-10-01NO/-3 offspring
 Isak av BorgundMNFO d 09 222006-06-06NO/NO 17 offspring
 Skaujenta's IldridFNFO f 222007-04-04NO/- No offspring
GIC Skaujenta's ImarMNFO n 222007-04-04NO/- 12 offspring
 Skaujenta's Imber RoseFNFO f 222007-04-04NO/- No offspring
 Skaujenta's Ingvar SultinMNFO n 222007-04-04NO/- No offspring
 Skaujenta's IverMNFO n 222007-04-04NO/NO 9 offspring
IC Migoto's Alvin, JWMNFO n 09 242007-04-05NO/NO 5 offspring
IC Skaujenta's OdaFNFO n 09 242008-10-26NO/DK 5 offspring
IC Skaujenta's Olaug Oline, DMFNFO n 09 222008-10-26NO/NO18 offspring
 Skaujenta's OvinMNFO n 09 242008-10-26NO/-No offspring
 Nenya's PantalaimonMNFO n 09 232008-10-31SE/NO 29 offspring
 Skaujenta's ÅroliljeFNFO n 09 232010-11-29NO/- No offspring
 Skaujenta's ÅslaugFNFO n 09 222010-11-29NO/NO 7 offspring
 Skaujenta's ÅsleikMNFO n 03 232010-11-29NO/- No offspring
 Skaujenta's ÅsrunFNFO n 09 222010-11-29NO/- No offspring
IC Skaujenta's ÅsulvMNFO n 222010-11-29NO/SE20 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.