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Offspring of SBIS Multi CH Dukal Umm Bersheba's el Abid, M, sand, 1999-04-29, LY/CH24 offspring
CZ CH C'Chemala Bohemia GenaoFsand2000-12-31CZ/CZ6 offspring
Multi CH Acheuleen Ag DalvitFsand black mantle2004-06-12CZ/-No offspring
 Agalella Ag DalvitFsand2004-06-12CZ/CZ7 offspring
 Ahaggar Ag DalvitMred sand2004-06-12CZ/SKNo offspring
 Akaba Ag DalvitFsand black mantle2004-06-12CZ/CZNo offspring
 Atakor Ag DalvitMred sand2004-06-12CZ/CZ3 offspring
 Azira Ag DalvitFsand black mantle2004-06-12CZ/NO No offspring
 Asira MahanajimFsand black mask1997-03-26DE/DE 8 offspring
 Bahi MahanajimMsand black mask2002-06-13DE/DE5 offspring
 Bashir MahanajimMsand black mask2002-06-13DE/DENo offspring
 Basmala MahanajimFsand black mask2002-06-13DE/DENo offspring
 Baxit MahanajimMsand black mask2002-06-13DE/DENo offspring
 Ben Asir MahanajimMsand black mantle2002-06-13DE/DE No offspring
 Benda MahanajimFsand black mask2002-06-13Ge/- No offspring
 Bi-Na MahanajimMsand black mantle2002-06-13DE/US7 offspring
 Bishara MahanajimFsand black mantle2002-06-13DE/DE1 offspring
 Mechmech de SlouazFsand brindle1996-01-20FR/CH 3 offspring
 Bersheba's O'MeshaF2001-02-10CH/CH No offspring
 Bersheba's O'zaanM2001-02-10CH/CH No offspring
 Bersheba's Oh'DabalM2001-02-10CH/CH No offspring
Multi CH Bersheba's JalajilFsand black mantle1997-10-06CH/CH7 offspring
SE UCH FI UCH Bersheba's SarukMsand black mantle2003-08-10CH/SENo offspring
CH CH Bersheba's ShabazMsand black mantle2003-08-10CH/CH1 offspring
CH FI CH Bersheba's ShabburaFsand black mantle2003-08-10CH/CZ17 offspring
Multi CH Bersheba's SharoozFsand black mantle2003-08-10CH/AT2 offspring
CH CH Bersheba's SharqiMsand black mantle2003-08-10CH/CH1 offspring
 Bersheba's ShaymaFsand black mantle2003-08-10CH/CH No offspring
 Bersheba's ShoukranMsand black mantle2003-08-10CH/CH9 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.