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Offspring of IC Just Catnap's Nanna Noon, DM, F, NFO ns 09 24, 2003-01-24, SE/SE21 offspring
GIC Dorian av Tyssedal, DMMNFO n 09 222004-05-06DE/SE 62 offspring
 Just Catnap's Alberta ClipperFNFO n 09 242006-03-28SE/SE16 offspring
WW'08'10'11'16 SW NW GIP EC Just Catnap's Alma Snowflake, DM, DSM, DVMFNFO n 09 242006-03-28SE/SE36 offspring
IC Just Catnap's Anna BluestormFNFO a 09 222006-03-28SE/SE6 offspring
 Just Catnap's Elsa LionessFNFO ns 09 222007-07-27SE/-No offspring
GIC Just Catnap's Envy Me, DVMFNFO n 09 222009-01-30SE/BE2 offspring
IC Just Catnap's Fairy DustFNFO as 09 222009-01-30SE/SE9 offspring
SC Just Catnap's Laura, DVMFNFO n 242009-01-30SE/NO8 offspring
NW SC Just Catnap's Sander, DVM, DSMMNFO n 09 222009-01-30SE/ES 49 offspring
GIC Just Catnap's Tommy TMNFO ns 09 222009-01-30SE/DE 26 offspring
IC Rene av SandrabbenMNFO n2001-12-14NO/SE 25 offspring
CH Just Catnap's UlvenMNFO a2004-07-05SE/DK 48 offspring
 Just Catnap's UrsusMNFO ns2004-07-05SE/- No offspring
 Nenya's Mister FreezeMNFO ns 092005-11-21SE/- 5 offspring
 Just Catnap's Elephant ManMNFO n 03 242006-11-12SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's EnyaFNFO ns 09 222006-11-12SE/- 1 offspring
 Just Catnap's EnzoMNFO n 09 222006-11-12SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's EpsonMNFO n 03 222006-11-12SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's ExplorerMNFO n 09 232007-06-09SE/SENo offspring
GIC Rockringen's Daddy CoolMNFO n 022005-03-01SE/SE 31 offspring
 Just Catnap's AlmondMNFO ns 02 212008-05-14SE/-No offspring
 Just Catnap's ClassicMNFO ns 03 222008-05-14SE/NO 9 offspring
 Just Catnap's EcuadorMNFO ns 092008-05-14SE/-No offspring
CH Just Catnap's Mayan MysticaFNFO n 032008-05-14SE/SE 32 offspring
SC Just Catnap's Strawberry WhiteFNFO ns 022008-05-14SE/NO4 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.