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Offspring of Dirigo Kancamagus Kiss of Athabaske, M, MCO ns 23, 2006-02-14, US/AT6 offspring
 Artemea Rapunzel The Lady of CoonityFMCO d 222005-04-07US/AT7 offspring
 Coonity XarelanMMCO ds 112008-01-19AT/AT No offspring
 Coonity MaharadjaMMCO d 232009-09-22AT/NL2 offspring
 Coonity Minas TirithMMCO d 232009-09-22AT/AT2 offspring
 Coonity Miriel Manata of StormwalkerFMCO fs 222009-09-22AT/DE3 offspring
 Athabaske Red EscalationFMCO ds 212006-06-06AT/AT3 offspring
 Athabaske Brook Road BabyFMCO g 232008-11-17AT/NL4 offspring
 Dynamicats Glitter & MagicFMCO ns 222011-05-12NL/AT 1 offspring
CH Athabaske How High the MoonFMCO n 222012-07-15AT/CH22 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.