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Offspring of Piupaws Fjodor Romanov, M, CRX a 09 24, 2004-07-08, FI/FI11 offspring
 Faries HaloFCRX f 032005-01-13SE/FI 4 offspring
FIFe CH Piupaws BarkowMCRX n 02 242006-03-13FI/FI 6 offspring
 Piupaws BottlingerMCRX n2006-03-13FI/FI No offspring
 Piupaws ParheliatFCRX g2006-03-13FI/FI No offspring
 Piupaws Point BarrowFCRX g2006-03-13FI/FI 5 offspring
FIFe GIC Piupaws Minerva McGonagallFCRX n2002-01-16FI/FI 7 offspring
 Piupaws ChardonnayMCRX a 092006-01-05FI/FI No offspring
 Piupaws ShirazMCRX a 092006-01-05FI/SE 3 offspring
FIFe CH Piupaws TempranilloMCRX n 03 242006-01-05FI/FI 6 offspring
FIFe EC Piupaws Edina MonsoonFCRX f2003-02-16FI/FI 13 offspring
 Piupaws BlueberryFCRX g2005-09-12FI/FI No offspring
 Piupaws CloudberryFCRX f 03 232005-09-12FI/FI 4 offspring
FIFe IC Piupaws CranberryFCRX f 02 21 332005-09-12FI/FI 19 offspring
 Piupaws LingonberryFCRX n 332005-09-12FI/FI No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.