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Offspring of CH Operacoon's Alfredo, M, MCO n 09 23, 2004-03-29, SE/SE18 offspring
 Operacoon's FeliceFMCO n 232005-11-29SE/SE4 offspring
 Carpe Feline's MargaropusMMCO n 09 232007-04-15SE/SE No offspring
 Carpe Feline's NaveiusMMCO n 232007-04-15SE/SE No offspring
 Carpe Feline's OrloviusMMCO n 09 232007-04-15SE/SE No offspring
 Carpe Feline's Pi LafrediusMMCO n 09 232007-04-15SE/SE No offspring
 Operacoon's DesdemonaFMCO ns 232002-02-04SE/SE14 offspring
 Operacoon's GrizzabellaFMCO ns 09 232007-03-20SE/NONo offspring
 Operacoon's GrowltigerMMCO n 09 222007-03-20SE/SE No offspring
 Operacoon's MungojerrieMMCO n 09 222007-03-20SE/SE No offspring
 Operacoon's Rum Tum TuggerMMCO ns 232007-03-20SE/SENo offspring
 Operacoon's Rumpus CatMMCO n 232007-03-20SE/SE No offspring
 Prairiebaby Freedom SongFMCO gs 09 232003-06-11CA/SE8 offspring
 Ruskprickens GoyathlayMMCO d 03 232007-09-23SE/SENo offspring
 Ruskprickens HiawathaMMCO ns 02 212007-09-23SE/SENo offspring
 Ruskprickens SacagaweaFMCO f 02 212007-09-23SE/SE16 offspring
 Ruskprickens TashunkewitkoMMCO n 09 222007-09-23SE/SENo offspring
 Acrobat's Blue Britney BearFMCO a 222006-02-11SE/SE5 offspring
 Kung cool's Break The IceMMCO n 232007-11-04SE/-No offspring
 Kung cool's Heaven On EarthFMCO n 222007-11-04SE/SE12 offspring
 Kung cool's Hot as iceFMCO n 232007-11-04SE/-No offspring
 Kung cool's One more timeMMCO n 232007-11-04SE/-No offspring
 Kung cool's Peace Of MeMMCO n 222007-11-04SE/SE9 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.