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Offspring of EC Nakimo's Yasmine, DM, F, NFO n 09 22, 2000-03-07, NO/SE19 offspring
EP EC Kringlans KorintMNFO n 09 241999-06-15SE/SE37 offspring
 Sir Maxwell's BalthasarMNFO n 09 242001-12-01SE/SE27 offspring
 Sir Maxwell's CasparMNFO n 09 222001-12-01SE/-No offspring
IC Sir Maxwell's LuciaFNFO n 09 242001-12-01SE/SE 8 offspring
 Sir Maxwell's MelchiorMNFO n 09 242001-12-01SE/-No offspring
PR Sir Maxwell's NikolausMNFO n 222001-12-01SE/-No offspring
 Sir Maxwell's BatmanMNFO n 09 242002-10-30SE/SE4 offspring
 Sir Maxwell's Cat womanFNFO n 09 222002-10-30SE/SE3 offspring
GIP Sir Maxwell's Poison IvyMNFO n 09 222002-10-30SE/SENo offspring
GIP Sir Maxwell's The JokerMNFO n 09 222002-10-30SE/SE 4 offspring
 Silverbells BlitzenMNFO n 092000-07-09SE/SE16 offspring
 Sir Maxwell's DraghonMNFO n 09 222001-06-01SE/-No offspring
EP EC Sir Maxwell's KhaprisMNFO n 09 222001-06-01SE/SE 41 offspring
 Sir Maxwell's MuscothMNFO n 09 222001-06-01SE/-No offspring
IC Sir Maxwell's MynthaFNFO n 09 222001-06-01SE/SE5 offspring
 Sir Maxwell's SalviahFNFO n 09 222001-06-01SE/SE10 offspring
 Dunderkattens SigurdMNFO a 092003-10-27FI/DK 65 offspring
 Sir Maxwell's Mirakel Made In DKFNFO a 09 222006-02-24SE/SE No offspring
 Restless XanderMNFO d 222002-08-04SE/SE5 offspring
IC Sir Maxwell's SingelFNFO f 09 222005-03-06SE/SE 15 offspring
PR Restless Little RascalMNFO n 09 232002-10-03SE/SE3 offspring
 Sir Maxwell's DieselMNFO n 09 242003-10-09SE/SE 8 offspring
CH Sir Maxwell's GucciFNFO a 09 242003-10-09SE/SE1 offspring
CH Sir Maxwell's OmegaFNFO a 09 242003-10-09SE/SE 5 offspring

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