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Offspring of CH Bergansius Yes We Can Can, F, NFO f 09, 1999-09-26, NL/NL26 offspring
SC Love & Peace Blue Tanis, JW, DVMMNFO w 642003-07-18CH/CH42 offspring
 Bergansius BerenikeFNFO w2005-09-30NL/-No offspring
 Bergansius HenuttawiFNFO w 612005-09-30NL/-No offspring
 Bergansius MererukaMNFO w2005-09-30NL/-No offspring
 Bergansius MerytamunFNFO w2005-09-30NL/-No offspring
EC Bergansius Rameses, JWMNFO w 632005-09-30NL/BG20 offspring
GIC Godfather's Lothlorien, DMMNFO a 09 232000-01-27FI/NL 23 offspring
 Bergansius KatjaFNFO f 09 232004-03-31NL/- No offspring
 Bergansius MagneMNFO n2004-03-31NL/- No offspring
GIP Bergansius OxygenMNFO e 092004-03-31NL/NLNo offspring
 T'Annes Don JuanMNFO w1998-11-04NL/- 14 offspring
 Bergansius DameFNFO w 612004-09-13NL/- No offspring
 Bergansius DivaliFNFO w2004-09-13NL/- 1 offspring
 Bergansius EverestMNFO w2004-09-13NL/- No offspring
 Bergansius KathmanduMNFO d 232004-09-13NL/- No offspring
 Bergansius NamasteFNFO w2004-09-13NL/- 1 offspring
SC Zelvitas Titan, DVM, DMMNFO n 03 222007-11-14SE/NL 53 offspring
 Bergansius EgmontMNFO d 032010-08-20NL/NL4 offspring
IC Bergansius LeonoreFNFO f 09 242010-08-20NL/NL 11 offspring
IC Bergansius BjørnejaegerenMNFO a 221998-03-20NL/GB 6 offspring
 Bergansius AnnemarieFNFO g 232001-07-01NL/- No offspring
 Bergansius GerritMNFO n 232001-07-01NL/- No offspring
 Bergansius JosefienFNFO g 232001-07-01NL/- No offspring
 Bergansius MargootjeFNFO f 09 232001-07-01NL/- No offspring
 Bergansius MarjoleineFNFO f 09 232001-07-01NL/NL No offspring
GIC Peer Gynt van de GrieghofMNFO n 09 231997-07-09NL/NL 16 offspring
 Bergansius Miti MizuriMNFO e 092006-06-22NL/- No offspring
 Bergansius MurramMNFO d 09 232006-06-22NL/- No offspring
 Bergansius MzimaMNFO d 09 232006-06-22NL/- No offspring
 Bergansius NguliaFNFO n 09 232006-06-22NL/- No offspring
 Bergansius Nina NjaaFNFO n 09 232006-06-22NL/- No offspring
 Bergansius Paka SafiFNFO n 09 232006-06-22NL/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.