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Offspring of IC Marquardt Miss Monroe, F, MCO gs 09 22, 1997-01-25, DK/DK12 offspring
IC Gugger's AndroklesMMCO e 09 231997-11-18DK/DK 8 offspring
 Marquardt CheekyMMCO a 09 221998-12-12DK/NL 8 offspring
 Marquardt TimonMMCO a 09 231998-12-12DK/DK 1 offspring
 Wabanaki Ray of LightMMCO d 221998-10-19DK/DK15 offspring
 Gigant KaruraFMCO d 222001-02-06DK/DK7 offspring
 Gigant Kastania of OlmocabeFMCO ds 222001-02-06DK/DK 1 offspring
 Gigant KatusiaFMCO d 09 222001-02-06DK/DK 3 offspring
 Gigant Kosmo of OlmocabeMMCO ns 09 222001-02-06DK/DK No offspring
CH Cozy Farm Ride The Wild WindMMCO e 09 221992-10-28DK/DK18 offspring
 Gigant QuintaFMCO gs 09 222002-05-20DK/DK No offspring
 Gigant QuiviveFMCO gs 09 222002-05-20DK/DK No offspring
 Gigant RumpelteazerMMCO es 09 222004-02-23DK/DK21 offspring
 Florian's MikkelMMCO d 221998-01-02DK/DK9 offspring
CH Gigant DaredevilMMCO e 09 221999-11-06DK/DK 10 offspring
 Gigant DixieFMCO gs 09 221999-11-06DK/DK4 offspring
 Gigant DominiqueFMCO d 221999-11-06DK/DK2 offspring

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