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Offspring of CH Pengelly Serena, F, SIA n, 1976-03-19, GB/GB31 offspring
GC Amberseal ElectoMSIA n1975-09-13GB/GB 239 offspring
 BourvilleMSIA b  No offspring
 Shandean AeneasMSIA n  No offspring
 Shandean AngeliqueFSIA n  No offspring
 Shandean AntonMSIA n  No offspring
 Shandean AristideMSIA n  No offspring
 Shandean BasilicaMSIA n  No offspring
 Shandean BastienMSIA n  No offspring
 Shandean BereniceFSIA n  No offspring
 Shandean BournvilleMSIA b  1 offspring
 Shandean DeliciaFSIA n  1 offspring
 Shandean GabrielleFSIA n  No offspring
 Shandean GrandeurMSIA n  No offspring
 Shandean MarinaFSIA n  2 offspring
CH Shandean Alexio of HolcroftMSIA n1977-03-23GB/US 8 offspring
 Shandean BenedictMSIA n1977-08-27GB/GB 9 offspring
CH Shandean DemetriusMSIA n1978-03-24GB/NZ 9 offspring
 Shandean DionysiusMSIA n1978-03-24GB/GB 60 offspring
GC Shandean DominiqueFSIA n1978-03-24  4 offspring
CH Hu-Tsi Shandean FrancescaFSIA n1979-08-12GB/SA 1 offspring
 Shandean FabiaFSIA n1979-08-12GB/DK 1 offspring
 Shandean FairwayMSIA b1979-08-12-/GB 6 offspring
 Shandean FreemanMSIA n1979-08-12  No offspring
GC Shandean GlastronMSIA n1980-01-18GB/GB 35 offspring
 Shandean LaraFSIA n1981-05-03  No offspring
GC Pentangle BeaumanMSIA b1976-11-29GB/GB 106 offspring
 Shandean JacinthiaFSIA a  No offspring
 Shandean JemimaFSIA c  No offspring
 Shandean JewelFSIA b  No offspring
 Shandean JoannaFSIA b  No offspring
 Shandean JohannaFSIA b  No offspring
 Shandean JuanitaFSIA b  1 offspring
 Maeprest AntonioMSIA n1979-06-12GB/GB 57 offspring
 Shandean InvaderMSIA n1980-08-05  2 offspring

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