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Offspring of EC Chacolís Naradas, M, NFO n 09 23, 1998-07-20, SE/SE18 offspring
CH Black Forest Fairy QueenFNFO fs 09 241998-07-15SE/- 3 offspring
 Black Forest DackeMNFO d 09 221999-10-24SE/SE 1 offspring
 Black Forest LovisaFNFO fs 09 231999-10-24SE/SE 7 offspring
GIC Black Forest ViktoriaFNFO ns 09 221999-10-24SE/DE 11 offspring
IC June av SandrabbenFNFO a 092000-02-16NO/SE6 offspring
 Black Forest JappFNFO n 092003-06-01SE/- 4 offspring
GC Black Forest Cajsa VargFNFO n 092004-07-22 3 offspring
 Black Forest JonatanMNFO n 09 232004-07-22SE/-14 offspring
GIC Black Forest LeoMNFO n 092004-07-22SE/ES16 offspring
IC Ninjastammens FontezzaFNFO as 221998-11-04SE/SE 6 offspring
CH Black Forest WilmaFNFO n 09 22  1 offspring
 Black Forest VanezzaFNFO n 09 232000-07-27SE/SE 4 offspring
 Black Forest DarshivaFNFO n 09 232001-04-21SE/- 2 offspring
QGCA Black Forest Liam of AzureblueMNFO ns 09 232001-04-21-/JP 2 offspring
QGCH Liam of AzureblueMNFO ns 09 232001-04-21US/US 2 offspring
CH Black Forest IdaFNFO ns 09 222003-05-26 3 offspring
CH Rockringen's PusjkinsFNFO f 09 222000-11-01SE/SE 7 offspring
 Hvenhilda's MalcolmMNFO n 09 232002-07-07SE/SE No offspring
EP Hvenhilda's MalinFNFO f 09 222002-07-07SE/SE No offspring
 Hvenhilda's MelkerMNFO n 09 232002-07-07SE/SE No offspring
 Hvenhilda's MirandaFNFO f 09 232002-07-07SE/SE No offspring
 Hvenhilda's MoaFNFO n 09 222002-07-07SE/SE No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.