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Offspring of Pusjak Zeriza, F, CRX n, 1972-08-05, NO/NO7 offspring
 Lord Buck av SiangtanMCRX n  8 offspring
GIP & IC Chribotin PanMCRX n1977-02-14NO/NO No offspring
FIFe GIP & IC Chribotin PiaFCRX n1977-02-14NO/SE 6 offspring
GIP & IC Chribotin PukMCRX n1977-02-14NO/NO 1 offspring
 Chribotin MariusMCRX n1978-11-19NO/NO No offspring
 Chribotin MiramisFCRX n1978-11-19NO/NO No offspring
FIFe GIC Chribotin MiriamFCRX n1978-11-19NO/NO 6 offspring
 Chribotin MishaFCRX n1978-11-19NO/NO No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.