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Offspring of GIC Dorian av Tyssedal, DM, M, NFO n 09 22, 2004-05-06, DE/SE62 offspring
IC Just Catnap's Nanna Noon, DMFNFO ns 09 242003-01-24SE/SE 21 offspring
 Just Catnap's Alberta ClipperFNFO n 09 242006-03-28SE/SE16 offspring
WW'08'10'11'16 SW NW GIP EC Just Catnap's Alma Snowflake, DM, DSM, DVMFNFO n 09 242006-03-28SE/SE36 offspring
IC Just Catnap's Anna BluestormFNFO a 09 222006-03-28SE/SE6 offspring
 Just Catnap's Elsa LionessFNFO ns 09 222007-07-27SE/-No offspring
GIC Just Catnap's Envy Me, DVMFNFO n 09 222009-01-30SE/BE2 offspring
IC Just Catnap's Fairy DustFNFO as 09 222009-01-30SE/SE9 offspring
SC Just Catnap's Laura, DVMFNFO n 242009-01-30SE/NO8 offspring
NW SC Just Catnap's Sander, DVM, DSMMNFO n 09 222009-01-30SE/ES 49 offspring
GIC Just Catnap's Tommy TMNFO ns 09 222009-01-30SE/DE 26 offspring
IC Just Catnap's Qerenza, DMFNFO f 09 242003-09-28SE/SE16 offspring
 Just Catnap's ZeptemberFNFO n 242005-11-22SE/-No offspring
GIC Just Catnap's ZugababeFNFO a 02 212005-11-22SE/-1 offspring
 Just Catnap's ZunshineFNFO f 09 222005-11-22SE/-No offspring
GIC Just Catnap's ChadMNFO d 09 222006-09-20SE/SE 56 offspring
CH Just Catnap's ChileMNFO d 09 242006-09-20SE/-1 offspring
 Just Catnap's ChinaFNFO f 03 242006-09-20SE/SE18 offspring
 Just Catnap's ColombiaFNFO n 03 242006-09-20SE/BRNo offspring
 Just Catnap's CuracaoFNFO g 09 242006-09-20SE/-No offspring
 Just Catnap's CyprusFNFO a 09 242006-09-20SE/-No offspring
 Eressea's ErendisFNFO n 09 232001-12-02DE/SE 19 offspring
 Just Catnap's Yalla YallaMNFO n 03 242005-11-09SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's Yankee DoodleMNFO n 03 242005-11-09SE/- No offspring
CH Just Catnap's Yogi BearMNFO n 09 232005-11-09SE/SE 1 offspring
 Just Catnap's Yoyo MaFNFO n 03 242005-11-09SE/SE 13 offspring
 Just Catnap's DorisFNFO n 03 242006-11-02SE/- No offspring
EC Just Catnap's TrulsaFNFO n 09 232004-06-06SE/SE9 offspring
 Kullehoppans DannyMNFO n 09 232006-11-15SE/-No offspring
GIC Kullehoppans FeliciaFNFO n 222006-11-15SE/-4 offspring
 Kullehoppans JessicaFNFO n 03 232006-11-15SE/-No offspring
IC Kullehoppans LindaFNFO n 09 242006-11-15SE/SE4 offspring
 Kullehoppans MarkusMNFO n 242006-11-15SE/-No offspring
 Kullehoppans SaraFNFO n 09 232006-11-15SE/-No offspring
EC Rosenöra's NaimaFNFO ns 09 232005-07-09SE/SE19 offspring
 Gunsmokes CobraFNFO as 09 222006-12-20SE/NO21 offspring
CH Gunsmokes ElectraFNFO as 09 222006-12-20SE/-No offspring
IP Gunsmokes Gallardo, JWMNFO n 03 222006-12-20SE/SE7 offspring
IC Gunsmokes Mr Evolution, JWMNFO as 09 222006-12-20SE/-13 offspring
 Just Catnap's Black PearlFNFO ns 032006-04-21SE/SE 18 offspring
IP Just Catnap's Ganse GrimmMNFO n 032007-05-17SE/DENo offspring
GIC Just Catnap's Guss GrimmMNFO n 03 222007-05-17SE/SE11 offspring
 Just Catnap's Black BeautyFNFO ns 092008-05-28SE/SE1 offspring
 Just Catnap's JumanaFNFO ns 09 222008-05-28SE/DK 20 offspring
GIC Just Catnap's Little WillieMNFO ns 032008-05-28SE/DE5 offspring
 Just Catnap's MeaganFNFO ns 09 242008-05-28SE/-No offspring
CH Just Catnap's Pearlie HopeFNFO ns 02 222008-05-28SE/DK 24 offspring
 Just Catnap's EnyaFNFO ns 09 222006-11-12SE/- 1 offspring
 Just Catnap's SalmiakMNFO n2008-03-22SE/- No offspring
EC Tähtitassun Balladi HelenaFNFO w 642006-04-28FI/FI7 offspring
IP FoxyPaw's Deep FreezeMNFO w 642009-04-24FI/-No offspring
GIC FoxyPaw's FrostbiteFNFO w 642009-04-24FI/FI9 offspring
 FoxyPaw's Hot n'ColdFNFO n 09 222009-04-24FI/-No offspring
NW SC FoxyPaw's Icebreaker, JW, DVM, DSM, DMMNFO w 642009-04-24FI/FI18 offspring
 FoxyPaw's Johnny B. CoolMNFO n 09 242009-04-24FI/-No offspring
 Migoto's Eneste EmineFNFO ns 022008-12-14NO/SE 18 offspring
 Just Catnap's IcemenMNFO ns 022010-01-25SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's MoustacheMNFO n 09 222010-01-25SE/FI No offspring
 Just Catnap's OscarMNFO ns 02 222010-01-25SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's Rose The OneFNFO ns 09 222010-01-25SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's WindsorMNFO n 092010-01-25SE/- 2 offspring
IC Skaujenta's Olaug Oline, DMFNFO n 09 222008-10-26NO/NO18 offspring
 Migoto's HaakonMNFO n 09 222010-03-29NO/- No offspring
 Migoto's HermineFNFO n 222010-03-29NO/- No offspring
CH Just Catnap's Mayan MysticaFNFO n 032008-05-14SE/SE 32 offspring
 Just Catnap's KashayaFNFO n 242009-11-23SE/SE 21 offspring
 Just Catnap's Kiton BlackMNFO n 032009-11-23SE/-No offspring
SC Just Catnap's SantanaMNFO n2009-11-23SE/DK 16 offspring
SW'10 GIP SC Just Catnap's Santos, JW, DVM, DSMMNFO n 03 222009-11-23SE/SE17 offspring
IP Just Catnap's BlackthorneMNFO n2010-11-11SE/SENo offspring
 Just Catnap's GoblinMNFO n 032010-11-11SE/-No offspring
 Just Catnap's PaladinMNFO n 09 242010-11-11SE/-No offspring
 Just Catnap's RiverpawMNFO n 03 242010-11-11SE/SE6 offspring
 Just Catnap's VikingMNFO n 092010-11-11SE/BE3 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.